In Ravenna, a young woman jumps from window to escape abusive husband


Published on May 05, 2020


For weeks now we hear the calls of many associations that work in defence of women. We feel we made a very sad, read about feminicide and violence. And yesterday's still a fact that reminds us of the importance of giving help to women victims of violence, especially in this difficult time seen that it is increasingly difficult to ask for help because of the forced quarantine.

The facts: yesterday, a woman was thrown from the window of his house to escape the abusive husband. He feared, probably, for his life, he believed that a launch in the vacuum would have been less dangerous of the man who had in the house.

The young man, after a flight of about five meters, fell on the street below, and was then admitted to the hospital Bufalini in Cesena: it would not be in danger of life.

A thirty-year-old of foreign origin, was stopped yesterday afternoon by the police to Ravenna with the accusation of having tried to stab the young wife of his compatriot, causing it thus to throw himself from the window of their apartment in the historical centre of the town of romagna. The episode, as reported by il Resto del Carlino, occurred around 17 on Sunday. Fortunately, the woman would be admitted in the hospital but they would not be in danger of life.

Following the investigations of the military of the operational unit coordinated by the Pm of the round: Angela Peel, the man was joined by a stop of the suspect of the murder and attempted aggravated murder and taken to jail awaiting validation. He is accused also of abuse in the family abuse is repeated in respect of his wife.

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