In My Kitchen: Carlo Cracco restaurant offers its “flat,” insipid on Rai2


Published on Sep 18, 2019


Is creating no little agitation in that of Rai due, the new program will be hosted by Carlo Cracco, from the title In My Kitchen – A recipe with Cracco: a cooking game show where various competitors (one per episode) have to make a dish designed by the former judge of Masterchef following the directions of his voice, but... without being able to see physically the procedures to be performed on the raw materials and during the various stages of cooking.

A simple idea, we would say, even a banal one, which, however, has not found particular enthusiasm by the public: in fact, In My Kitchen, has debuted with its first episode two with of the audience that is really hungry-a fact that has forced the Rai Two she has to change twice the time of the airing of the show. But the reason for which the transmission is so little listed?

In My Kitchen – A Recipe with Cracco is presented to the public in a manner perhaps a bit too petty and less warm in the schedule Rai. A program that tries to do quickly with all the pleasantries and immediately puts the competitor and the chef in front of the test bench, or in this case in front of the kitchen counter.

And speaking of warm, even in the presence of Cracco in this this seems rather off: if the picture of the chef was related usually to the irritation of the incompetence of the competitors, this time the master of the house lays aside his weapons and nods a little at all the mistakes made by the guest. Of the rest, there is no prize. And also the absence of a true goal brings little hype on the final verdict, which, almost always, it's still a praise (even when the dishes have nothing to do with the original version).

Does not help even the presenter to support the show, which is Camihawke: a youtuber who has already experienced the thrill of leading something on tv, but with very little success (its Pink Different has flopped heavily on FoxLife). Also In My Kitchen, the young man proves to be poorly suited to the purpose: when it's with relatives, where he fails to be effective or to trigger reactions, both when it is “in the studio” where he nods, or tries to carry on the liturgy of the program.

The format – albeit aesthetically well-realized, and with a product placement inserted – not manages to attract the viewer from the beginning to the end, particularly in light of a story perhaps too little the original. Not to be underestimated is the absence of an effect of endorsement: for a cooking game Rai Two, it would have been more intelligent to exploit the popularity of a face that is already known in the Rai? From Tinto to Frederick Forty, passing to Andrea Mainardi or Ilario Vinciguerra the solutions could be many (especially if we think of the neighbors of that Fact).

In My Kitchen is like ordering at a restaurant with a beautiful impiattamento but with a little unsalted.

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