In Milan opens the first tiramisuteca

Published on Mar 26, 2018

Lovers of tiramisu, this news will brighten your day, was born in Milan, a place entirely dedicated to the sweet, most beloved, most well-known, which has just dedicated a day, on the 21st of march.

And it is precisely on the 21st of march, and is open to this new activity, is located in Via De Amicis, central, very busy, just two steps from the headquarters of the university of milan is important, it is called Mascherpa, in milanese dialect mascarpone said tarzia.

The base of this dessert consists of ladyfingers, coffee and mascarpone cheese, the cream plays a fundamental role Mascherpa prepares it following a traditional recipe and ancient, from this base, they are processed many different.

Chocolate, mango, hazelnut, strawberry, Chocolate, forest fruits, pistachio, matcha, vegan, these are only some of the possible creams that you can enjoy, also the sponge fingers are present in two variants, lemon and pistachio, of course, craft.

Regarding the coffee, these blends are studied ad hoc prepared with a new machine to the Alpha Dominche Steampunk, which makes the coffee in the infusion by adjusting temperature, pressure and water depending on the product and of the recipe, including the single origin coffee that are present in ginger, cinnamon, citrus, fruits of the forest.

The idea of a tiramisuteca is Joseph Loiero, 30 years, with the complicity of a mother is particularly skilled in the preparation of this sweet, an experience in the world of food and the desire to open his own business, here's this new place where you can taste always the same sweet, but in different versions, not only of taste, but also with respect to the presentation, in a jar or decomposed, into a mini-boule (filled pralines) or strip (for strips that are reminiscent of the eclair in French).

Mascherpa is located In Via De Amicis 7 Milano.


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