In Milan arrives the fast food philippine Jollibee

Published on Mar 22, 2018

In Milan on Sunday, march 18 has opened Jollibee fast food is the most famous of the Philippines, whose symbol is a bee the red.

This is the fast food most popular in the Philippines, in the world 3200 the restaurants, the one in Milan is the first in Europe, the first was opened forty years ago, has become known for the chickenjoy, translated the fried chicken in sauce eastern.

Other dishes: pancit palabok, the noodles filipinos with shrimp, hard-boiled eggs, chicken, and parsley, the amazing aloha burger, a sandwich with meat, cheese, and pineapple for breakfast breakfast joy fried eggs, rice, garlic, sausage or beef, another peculiarity, perhaps a bit unusual for our tastes, spaghetti with tomato sauce, cheese, and sausage.

A gem, of noodles which is a kind of spaghetti topped with a red sauce dessert consisting of ketchup to banana, hot dog red, liver and condensed milk, you read that right!

It is located in Piazza Diaz, a few steps from Piazza Duomo, at eight in the morning on Sunday say there was already a queue a mile to go, the whole square was invaded, especially by filipinos, and some curious.

It seems that in the filipino community, the advent of Jollibee has been welcomed with enthusiasm, in the queue were there families with small children, groups of friends, even filipinos coming from other parts of Lombardy and Italy.

It seems that in every city in the world where fast food has opened the filipino community has found to celebrate the event, we just put ourselves in line to experience the thrill of these new flavors.


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