In Milan arrives Romoletto

Published on Apr 04, 2018

Romoletto arrives in Milan, famous for the white pizza, the rice balls on the phone, with a variation of the sauce, cacio e pepe, after Rome arrive in Corso di Porta Ticinese and tourist area of milan's social.

The idea was born thanks to a lawyer in the roman Carlo Montella, who lives in Milan eager to know the typical dishes and typical areas of Rome, also in the city of lombardy, with Dario Laurenzi, export the model Romoletto.

Romoletto, the name of which is linked to the history of the city is very well known in the capital, to merge tradition and knowledge of roman cuisine with excellent raw materials, famous of which is the white pizza is left to rise for 48 hours, a high degree of hydration, crunchy on the outside, soft in the center, and digestible.

Another workhorse of the supplì on the phone, a meatball shape elongated in different variations, meat sauce, and cacio e pepe, the best-known, characteristics of this dish is the breading rather coarse, and the filling with the melted mozzarella in the memory of the phone cord.

After the opening of the Trapizzino, which is another well-known name of the roman gastronomy, is Romoletto to want to conquer milan, open from 11 to 22, ideal for any time of the day whether it is a quick snack, lunch, appetizer or snack, it will soon be possible to enjoy it anywhere with the delivery of Foodora and Deliveroo.



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