In Kingdom come Deliverance, if we do not do sex we will be rewarded

Published on Feb 07, 2018

Among the most eagerly awaited titles of this February figure is certainly Kingdom come Deliverance", the game developed by Warhorse Studios, which will soon catapult into the middle ages (the real one, without dragons, spells, or other new-fangled fantasy).

Evidence of A high rate of realism that Warhorse has tried to reach in this promising open-world, in the game we will be able to do, even sex, but, as revealed by the list of the trophies PS4 of the game, those who choose the path of chastity will be rewarded (it's not worth getting married, but I don't think that this is the “problem”...).

While we leave you to your difficult decision, here's the last video posted on the YouTube channel of Warhorse:

In the game we will have to fight in a desolate and devastated internally, invaded by foreign forces, and where each battle opens a range of possibilities. There will be several approaches to the clashes, where it will always demand a certain level of caution, pushing players to carefully consider their every move.

In Kingdom come: Deliverance, in every choice, in fact, will have a price, forcing the player to deal with a wide range of consequences. It will be important to carefully consider our choices and the policy that we will follow, always keeping in mind the opinion that our subjects will have us!

Kingdom come: Deliverance is an RPG open-world with a story that immerses us in an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire. Vendicheremo the death of our parents while we fight the enemy forces, we will face missions and revolutionary and we will make important choices. Majestic castles, lush forests, thriving resorts and countless other scenarios in the Bohemia medieval will be the theatre of our adventure.

Here are the most interesting features of Kingdom come: Deliverance

· An open world designed with the utmost realism: the enchanted castles and lands and vast, fully realized with stunning graphics of the highest level.

· A non-linear history: Solve the missions in a different way and then take responsibility for your actions.

· Combat challenging: from A distance, sneaking or melee. Choose your weapons and run dozens of combo's only in battles so thrilling as ruthless

· The development of the characters: Choose your equipment, improve your skills and earn new benefits.

· A dynamic world: your actions affect the reactions of the people around you. Fight, steal, seduce, intimidate, persuade or bribe. It all depends on you.

Kingdom come: Deliverance will be made available in different editions, starting from February 13, 2018, Special (PC: 49,99 € / Console: $ 59.99 u.s.) and Limited Collector's Edition (PC: 69,99 € / Console: 79,99€). The title is already available on Steam.

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