In good and in evil: Lawrence Taylor (part two)


Published on Feb 05, 2017


On the day of the Super Bowl LI will present the second part of the history of Lawrence Taylor. The first part can be found HERE. The night that changed the game

The new york Giants 1985 they began to take in everything and for everything in the form of a team of Parcells. Substance, solidity, opportunism, few frills. Control the ball and clock on offense, the defense that won games as proverb.
Monday, November 18, 1985, the Giants were going to make a visit to the Redskins at RFK Stadium. Monday Night Football, broadcast live across the country.

A phase of the game would have been commemorated even in the first few frames in a film that was released in 2009, twenty-four years on from those moments dramatic.
A female voice (Sandra Bullock) discuss the frame of the action, second by second.
This action changed the perception of the importance of pass protection in football, modern, and brought to light the concept of the blind side (The Blind Side) is the title of the film).

WARNING: the trailer below contains explicit images...

One Mississippi
Joe Theismann, the quarterback of the Redskins takes the snap and gives the ball to his running back.

Two Mississippi
It is a game of surprise, a flea flicker: the runner throws the ball back to the quarterback.

Three Mississippi
Up to this point, the game was defined on the basis of what the quarterback can see.
Shortly will be defined on the basis of what they cannot see.

Four Mississippi
Lawrence Taylor is the best defensive player in the NFL. It was from the moment he set foot on the field in his rookie year. Is going to change the game of football as we knew it until that moment.

[voice of the commentator] let's Review again from another angle. If you are weak of stomach I suggest not to watch.

The legendary Joe Theismann has never set foot on a football field.

What had happened?

Joe Theismann, received the ball back from Riggins, he was about to throw. In front of him, Harry Carson was the block of center Jeff Bostic, and started to hunt the quarterback. To his left, not seen, came Lawrence Taylor in that game he had wrought in the speed and the tackles Joe Jacoby that the tight end Clint Didier. Theismann tried to avoid Carson's advancing, but could not see Taylor at full speed, the hit on him. It could seem like just another successful action of the best edge rusher in the league in those the last few years, but something went differently. The right leg Theismann remained stuck under the knee of Taylor. A dry sound, twice. The Tibia and fibula of the poor Theismann broken, the scene horrific leg bent at several points so absolutely unnatural, with all the players in a panic. Paradoxically, the more polished in that moment, it was Theismann, that he remembered

I felt an incredible pain. The bones cracked like sticks. But, fortunately, the human body is a wonderful machine. After a moment, the pain, I felt nothing below the knee. The endorphins were doing their job, I no longer felt bad

The accident, which closed the career of Joe Theismann

The same Taylor she knew immediately what had happened to his opponent. In the field was a player so dominant that he did not need to reassert its presence with the intimidating conduct. Already the fact to have it there, standing in front of the tackle of the left feel intimidated enough of the rest of the NFL. He had a reaction of genuine, instinctive. How would remember Theismann later, Taylor began to scream almost desperate to rush to the doctors in the field, and he himself admitted he did not have the courage to turn around to see the condition of his opponent, and never wanted to see again those images on television. Theismann always defended the conduct of Taylor, stating himself that, unfortunately, in football it could happen this and that in the past, if he wanted to, Taylor could have caused him to practically everything, because the two teams faced each other twice with the championship.

Those few dramatic seconds had two consequences which are not reversible: first, it ended the career of Joe Theismann, a great quarterback and still in the prime of his maturity that he had recently participated in two Super Bowl consecutive winning one.
The second consequence was the one that was exposed shortly after in the movie is mentioned:

All you might think that usually the highest-paid player of a team is the quarterback, and you'd be right. What you might not know is that very often the second most expensive player, thanks to Lawrence Taylor, the tackle left.
This is because, as each brava housewife knows, the first check that is detached is the one of the loan, but the second is that of insurance.

(The Blind Side)

Every head coach he came to realize, with a shiver, that this incident could happen to his quarterback: from that moment on, the tackle left, lined up on the blind side of the QB, could not be the best blocker of the team. No one could afford to end up in that way, a game against the new york Giants, Lawrence Taylor.

As mentioned earlier, Parcells and general manager George Young had worked well in the last few years, with the right from Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor, and by adding more players of good level, both in the lines in the so-called skill position, such as the excellent tight end Mark Bavaro Notre Dame, and was selected in 1985. The team was ready really: Joe Morris could take advantage of a very good line offensive (on all center Bart Oates, and the left tackle Brad Benson) as well as the fullback Maurice Carthon (ex-Generals). Simms was not at the centre of the controversy of the previous years: he was the owner and the young Jeff Hostetler was the backup (and the backup...). Bobby Johnson, Lionel Manuel and Stacy Robinson were receivers reliable if not explosive. The defense had the potential to happen to the Chicago Bears on the throne of the best units of the league: the very well known group of linebackers was enriched by the first-choice Carl Banks, the outside linebacker who replaced the veteran Van Pelt. A solid line, with veterans Jim Burt, Leonard Marshall and George Martin, and with that level of pressure on the pocket from the defensive back, Collins, Williams, Hill and Kinard began to exploit their talents to the best, having regard to the quantity of interceptions, and turnover in favour of it.

Regular season steamroller, which ended with an eloquent record of 14-2. The defense granted the misery of 14.8 points per game. Lawrence Taylor began to sign 20.5 sacks (the only Michael Strahan and J. J. Watt would be able to surpass 20 sacks in a season) and for the first time a lawyer was elected the Most Valuable Player of the NFL, even with a unanimous vote.

The team of New Jersey, was clearly the favorite in the NFC, and the road in the playoffs kept the faith to the prediction.
Annihilated the San Francisco 49ers with a 49-3 irreverent, in a game that can be summarized by the action in which Montana was leveled to the ground by the NT Jim Burt and the launch was intercepted by Lawrence Taylor, who anticipated that Jerry Rice is reported in TD for 49 yards (a trick of the numbers...).
The Championship against the Redskins was liquidated almost like an ordinary working day, closing the game on a 17-0. The Giants arrived at the Super Bowl to Pasadena having suffered the misery of a single field goal in two matches playoff. On the other side of the board faced the Denver Broncos of John Elway, veterans from the epic win in overtime against the Browns in Cleveland, after which Elway had gained 98 yards in the final minutes of Q4 to bring the game to extra time, with all the offensive delivered to the legend with the name of The Drive.

The meeting all in all it was not difficult to predict. A team without weak points against another bound and the performance of its magnificent quarterback. But the Broncos could not hold a candle to the many aspects of the game: their game on the ground was questionable when not irrelevant, and despite good offensive line would have had their hands full all afternoon with Taylor and associates, because it was clear that the Broncos would have had a chance, if and only if John Elway had been in a condition to play with a pressure that is manageable.

And according to the forecast, the Broncos remained in the game until the defense of the Giants it was deemed necessary. At the beginning of q2, with Denver above 10-7, the defense began to change the inertia of the meeting, when Elway, the scrambler, the supreme, he was intercepted by Lawrence Taylor on the line of the three yards, forcing Denver to settle for a field goal, even kicked off by Rich Karlis, the kicker barefoot.

Super Bowl XXI: Taylor denies the TD to John Elway (Getty Images)

The first time you closed on the 10-9 for the Broncos. In the second time, there was a real massacre, because the attack of the Giants began to play at the level of its own defence and Phil Simms closed the evening with the best performance up to then for a QB in a Super Bowl, one of the best ever: 22 on 25, 289 yards and three TD. Of the three incomplete thrown, and in two cases were the receivers dropping the ball, he looked like a delighted Bill Parcells.

Phil Simms, the MVP of Super Bowl XXI

The first Super Bowl won by the Giants, Simms inevitable MVP of the match. In the moment of triumph, perhaps in Taylor prevailed the instinct of the fighter that was




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