In Genoa, a boy of 24 years dies after 5 days of high fever: for him, no buffer


Published on Apr 23, 2020


News Flash - Still a bad news from Liguria after the case of the spot you of 41 years died, why not, it was understood that he was suffering from COVID19. A few still have the information but the story that we must tell you is really dramatic. While in Italy we are preparing for phase 2, and it still continues to be complicated to be able to do a swab. A boy of 24 years died in the house this morning in Genoa. The young man, who was suffering from the Crohn's disease, he had high fever for five days.

The doctor had asked in the past few days that the young person should be subjected to the buffer, which will now run post-mortem on the corpse. There were doctors of 118 and agents of the commissioner the Center and the doctor.

The boy was found dead this morning in the house in which he lived.

The guy for more than a week could have remained in contact with other doctors that have cared for them, in addition to being near clearly to members of his family who could be, at this point, subject to the buffer if it is determined that the young man is dead because of the coronavirus.

It may be open, a survey of the judiciary to understand whether they have been made of the errors which may be costed the life of a young 24-year-old ligure.

In the last hours there has been much talk of Liguria in following what has happened to the board. Yesterday, only the third tamponesi to the discovery of the positivity of a patient who is then deceased . This discovery led to the temporary closure of the department of Medicine, sanificarlo. And to the transfer of the wards, of which 8 are positive.

According to the governor, John Toti, the goal of zero new infections in the region will not be reached before the end of may (and the unknown of the openings in the “Phase 2”), and not mid-month as the projections of the Institute of health .

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