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Published on Sep 10, 2017


It reminded me a bit of the Free State of Jones with Gary Ross's new film with James Franco, In dubious outlays Battle – The Courage of the Men. Here we talk about freedom and civil rights in America's past (that perhaps it's not so much past it), and here, as in the film the revolutionary, confederate, played by Matthew McConaughey, he feels the smells the stale of wasted opportunity. Or, at least, the acrid smell of things that could have been much better.

Speaking of stenches and odors because they are the ones the scents that the film tries to convey (Franco puts in scene the life of the fields, in the United States of the early ‘900, the ones that Malick photographed beautifully in The Days of the Sky, although there we were in Texas, and here we are in California), but the only effort that the viewer will hear will be that of being able to get to the credits without yawning.

The actor/director/screenwriter (here, the screenplay, we find Matt Rager) had already adapted two other great american writers in his three previous feature films (As I Lay Dying and The Sound and The Fury from the poetic William Faulkner and Child of God from the rugged and granitic Cormac McCarthy), and here continues to examine the history of the stars and stripes, filtering it from the vision of Nobel prize winner John Steinbeck.

Focused almost exclusively on the relationship of cause-and-effect of the story, the film focuses almost never on the development of the characters and a little beneficial is the great cast assembled by Franco (James Franco, who, as often happens in the movies which he himself directs, in front of the camera remains on the sidelines, leaving the burdens and the honours to others).

In 1933, Jim (Nat Wolff) becomes part of the small political party led by Mac McCloud (Ex): the objective of the party is to fight for the rights of workers and to do so, the two infiltrate a group of bins of apples of the fictitious Torgus Valley, California, where rumors of the fact that the landowner, Bolton (Robert Duvall) pays its employees only a dollar per hour.

In the Torgus Valley Jim fall in love with Lisa (Selena Gomez, that with that physique and those cheeks that is absolutely out of place and impractical in the shoes of the girl mother, filthy and malnourished) while we make the knowledge of the not exactly threatening villain, Duvall and all the other important names in the cast (D'onofrio, Cranston, Harris), which ergeranno to recognizable faces on the mass of the workers anonymous, but only for a couple of scenes each.

There are risks visual that had distinguished the previous works of frank, often faulty, but certainly daring, but in spite of the budget of the production to the setting's proposal is quite convincing, especially in a job of directing, clean and simple. A homework, in substance, that, fails to convey the passion that instead of soul and the hearts of his protagonists.

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