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Published on Jun 11, 2017

With the upgrade to Windows 10, many users have decided to switch to Edge – browser Microsoft home – when meeting, however, the obstacle of having to import bookmarks Chrome Edge to not lose all your work. In reality, the procedure, although it is not very intuitive, is quite simple. This guide will show you how to import favorites in Edge from Chrome and will be divided in two steps: in the first, we'll export all of the favorites that we have saved in Chrome, then them, we will be importing in Edge.

This guide, in theory, can be applied to any browser to have between the settings and the ability to export/import favorites, however, we will see two of the most-used browsers, in fact Chrome and Edge.

Before importing the bookmarks into a new browser, you must export them from your browser. In particular, opening up Chrome will go in the favorites Manager by holding down CTRL + SHIFT + O, or by typing in the address bar:


This will open a page similar to the one in the picture at the top here. Make sure that, in the left column, you select the folder ”Bookmarks Bar.

In the right-hand page you will find all the bookmarks that you have saved. Click on “Organize” at the top, and from the menu, select “Export Favorites to HTML file“:

At this point a window will open from which you can choose where to save the file containing your favorites. Choose the folder from the sidebar, it is important to remember where you saved the HTML file:

In the example we have selected the Downloads folder, saving a file automatically named “Bookmarks_data today.“ Now all we can do is import bookmarks Chrome Edge.

To import the favorites in the Edge you will not have to click on the Options button in the top right Edge: opens a drop-down menu, click Settings at the bottom of everything!

In the Settings click on “Import from another Browser” under the heading Import Favorites and Other info. In the section that opens last, click the “Import” button to select the file that you previously downloaded, and the game is done!

In the most recent versions of Edge, this has been made very simple: there is no more need to export your bookmarks from Chrome manually! In the Settings you will find under “View Settings for Favorites“:

In the next window you just need to select from which browser you want to import favorites. For now you can choose between Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Check then Chrome and then confirm by clicking on “Import“. It appears immediately below the confirmation button.

It is possible that the next updates of the Edge can further modify the method to import bookmarks Chrome Edge.

We remain updated our guide but if there are any problems or you need help, don't hesitate to leave a comment below! We will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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