Immortal Hulk – World War Hulk as the next story arc?


Published on Nov 05, 2019


Immortal Hulk has introduced several innovations for the giant of jade, transforming it, in recent times, in a character of greater thickness and bringing the Hulk under a completely new perspective.

The merit of such a success is due to writer Al Ewing, who has known from the beginning of the run, mixing different genres, experimenting with the horror that has proven to be particularly suitable to the character.

The head continues its course, and America in the comics (Ewing and Joe Bennet would seem to have reached a new starting point, opening a new story arc that seems to have a lot in common with the mini-series World War Hulk. To follow, you can view the first preview pages of the new chapter: Immortal Hulk #26.

The first tables show Bruce Banner while, seems to pronounce a discourse shocking to the whole world. It is possible that it is a candidate for the president? Difficult to say. The speech is clear, Dr. Banner is in a secret location, of the Shadow Base. A secret organization is in charge of the vivisezionarlo and to design weapons based on his body.

Then the scene shifts to the diner where Bruce will be a dinner to his old friend, Amadeus Cho.

It is the first time that the two speak from when Amadeus became the Hulk, but Cho shows a little skeptical on the way to see the things of Bruce and berates him, but suddenly the attention of the reader will be moved on the news.

The service declares to the public that Bruce Banner in a video manifesto has declared war against the human species, or at least it would have declared the “end” of the human world. The civilians begin to be terrified, asking explanations at the same Iron Man. Possible that was not understood the message that was launched by the Banner?

Immortal Hulk #26 will be available in the States starting Wednesday 6 November.

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