IMessage: Here's how it might look the function ‚Äúdelete sent messages‚ÄĚ [Video]


Published on May 12, 2020


iMessage: Here's how it might look the function ‚Äúdelete sent messages‚ÄĚ [Video]

In March, we reported that Apple was planning to introduce major new features on iMessage, all the functions already present on other messaging services such as WhatsApp.

To begin, the company allows users to tag a person within a group. Just like WhatsApp by typing the @ will appear on a list from which you will be able to tag a member of a group. The messages in which we will be mentioned, there will come with a notification even if the group in question is muted.

Another feature coming that we already know and use on WhatsApp, and/or Telegram is the ability to mark a message as unread even after opening.

Finally, Apple is integrating the ability to delete the sent messages. As we can see from the video created by MacRumors (see below), if we have sent you a message and then wish to delete it, simply click and hold on the bubble containing the text, and then click on ‚ÄúDelete‚ÄĚ from the pop-up menu. Also on iMessage will remain a ‚Äútrace‚ÄĚ of the deleted message.

iOS 14 is rumored to have the ability to RETRACT sent messages! #ios14rumors #macrumors (artist's rendition)

‚ÄĒ (@MacRumors) On May 9, 2020

It is true that they are all functions that we already know and use on a daily basis, but at the same time they are not on iMessage, and the integration of these features would put the messaging service by Apple on par with WhatsApp and Telegram.




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