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Published on Nov 12, 2018


When it was announced that a spin-off prequel of Harry Potter, set in the years ’20, and dedicated to telling you how Newt Scamander had written the text book Fantastic beasts and Where to Find them, more than a few fans stores in the nose because it looked like the usual mere marketing strategy in order not to abandon a franchise profitable. Then, over the casting in the head with Eddie Redmayne was done and especially with the announcement that the chapters would have been a five and not a simple trilogy, the skill of a storyteller J. K. Rowling has made new inroads in the hearts of the fans the most hard and pure, ready to return to the Wizarding World that he so loved.

The Wizarding World now that is a brand and stands out with the logo Marvel style at the beginning of the second chapter, which has the subtitle, “The Crimes of the Grindelwald”, the unmasked wizard at the end of the first capitol, with the face – oxygenated, super-souped-up – Johnny Depp. J. K. Rowling, as we said, this new adventure proves to be a storyteller extremely aware of your own universe. After the presentation of the characters and the world in new york city as Fantastic beasts and where to find them, this second chapter does get a lot more in the medias res of the story. It is a very rich movie, full of new characters and subplots, which also makes it hard to be behind the times, times to enriching the universe that the viewers know but above all to create a whole new maxi-storyline that runs through so much of the magical world than muggle.

Rowling dares in this second chapter by changing the cards on the tables and placing the evolution of the main characters of the story: each of them will take place many events and not miss the implications as much unexpected as it hits you get, if you look at the general framework of the five films.

The theme of diversity finds new life and development in this chapter and the setting in the most parisian but also distributed between New York and London, it almost makes you seem to be in a spy story in a sauce magical, with lots of pursuits on board of carriages of magic during the transfer of a prisoner from one prison to another.

Grindelwald is the enemy ante litteram compared to Voldemort, that was definitely one of the most successful in the history of cinema, and the similarities between the two are obvious; first the will, the supremacy of the wizards thoroughbred. Only that Grindelwald does not despise the muggles, but wants them to use as a work force and wants to control not only the magical world but also the muggle, and here appears the greatest threat and relevant. On the other hand is the magician who has a complex relationship with Albus Dumbledore – a Jude Law sly, which appears much less than we could have expected, and this is good, since he is the engine, but not the pivot of this story – to have inspired the actions of the future enemy of Harry Potter, along with his thirst of power.

The Fantastic Animals of the title are not a mere excuse of the previous “origin story”, but they continue to prove to be indispensable companions for Newt – the only ones you trust, along with Jacob, Tina and Queenie. Are the “monsters” to help him in time of need and show him the way. Many new species are shown in this chapter and also the fans more avid may be at risk of getting lost in this chaos but it is right also to go beyond entertainment, without betraying it, and build a universe that is layered. Then, it is necessary to remember that compared to the film of Harry Potter has this impression because there were books starting from which you drew the material, which, however, remained much more in-depth on paper, while here it is all in the hands of the screenplay of Rowling and director David Yates, and now it was confirm. The first never and dialogues discounted in the mouth of its characters, while the second is not the world's invectives details and yet manages to provide memorable scenes especially when it comes to magical action.

The fault of the movie, if you want to find one, is the excessive use of the flashback, almost as if wanting to wring always with an eye to the fans so pimp to show you something that you already know but must be deepened, or get them back through the corridors and classrooms of Hogwarts and encountering fleetingly memorable characters. Among the new entries is Zoe Kravitz in to steal the scene in the role of Leta Lestrange, a character is only named in the first film (“She's a taker, you need a giver”) and here the central to the development not only of history but also of Newt. But it is a highly recommend that we can forgive Rowling saw what this film gives us than what is in proportion, but the fact.

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