Image Comics and Devil's Two FREE comics for the Coronavirus


Published on Mar 19, 2020


As you may know, even in the USA, the Coronavirus is doing, unfortunately, to hear heavily; so it is also for this reason, perhaps, the third publishing house of America in comics, or Image Comics, has made available for free the number one of its series. Below the post announcing the initiative:

Read #1 issues for free! Like what you read? Contact your local comic shop to order the rest of the series:

— Image Comics (@ImageComics) March 14, 2020

Image Comics is a publisher of american comics, which contends with IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics, the role of third-largest publisher of american comics behind Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Born as a label of the Malibu Comics January 23, 1992 on the initiative of Rob Liefeld.

The first book with the symbol Image is Youngblood no.1, distributed on April 16, 1992, written and drawn by Rob Leifeld. In the year of the debut every great author, founder of the Image launches its own original series, which marks the birth of his own creative Studio and, in fact, becomes a sort of brand for these artists: Youngblood (Vol.1) no.1, and Spawn no.1, the Savage Dragon n.1, Shadowhawk no. 1, WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams, n.1, Cyberforce no.0 and The Wetworks.

Also Devil's Two Comics have decided to respond to the difficulties of the period: “In response to the pandemic COVID-19, Devil's Two Comics want to do your own part by helping you stay healthy and safe, and to combat another side effect of all of this: STAY AT HOME ONLY! All the digital comics offered through our online store can be downloaded free of charge for this week.

Once again, the Devil's Two Comics is doing everything they can to give priority to the health and safety of all during the pandemic of COVID-19. It goes without saying that you need to wash your hands and please stay home if you can. As much as we are sad for the cancellation of the convention, and not be able to go into the comic shops each week, it is important that we all do our part.

Devil's Two Comics”

Image Comics and Devil's Two FREE comics for the Coronavirus is




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