Ilary Blasi talks about the farewell to the Big Brother Vip, and explain why this choice


Published on Jul 03, 2019


The next edition of Big Brother Vip will be conducted by Alfonso Signorini, according to the latest news from the presentation of the Mediaset schedules, should go in the wave at the end of 2019. Ilary Blasi then decided to comment on his farewell to the program of Channel 5 and explained why he chose to leave the relaity.

In his last interview to the weekly magazine Chi, the Blasi he then explained the reasons why he said no to the Gf Vip.

“It was a program that I very much wanted to do, and I are deprived of this satisfaction. Every year, is coming off a part of me, but, as in all things, there is a beginning and an end. I understood how it worked, and I wanted to leave the GF Vip when it was still for me, it was a blast to do it, I didn't want to run the risk of get bored,” said the presenter. And actually, in many of our pieces of commentary to the latest edition of the Gf in the Vip, we stressed that the first not to see the time that ended it was right Blasi, who seemed bored with what was happening in his reality.

In each case the presenter will have other commitments next season, we will see in the new version of Games without frontiers, a new adventure for her.

The Blasi, interviewed by journalists, Who added:

“When you're running a reality show you know that there is a little bit of everything. Here, I like the fun part, while I find it more difficult to the one where we talk about personal things, because there is no longer a game, but you have to go digging to the bottom, sometimes even too much. It is true that in reality you have to get in the discussion, but there are some poles and, when you surpass certain limits, where maybe another, there sguazzerebbe, I do struggle because I like more laughing“.

Ilary has also added that it will not lead Temptation Island Vip.

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