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Published on Oct 12, 2017


Every reader of Thor knows that one of the recurring concepts of her stories is the Ragnarok, the so-called Twilight Of the gods of legends nordic. In the course of his long editorial life, the God of Thunder, has often had to deal with it, and there have been many legends that focus on this narrative concept. Panini Comics presented in the volume one of them, certainly to be considered among the best.

Not for nothing is signed by one of the authors of the fundamental of american comics, Roy Thomas, a student of Stan Lee, who in the seventies took its place, becoming one of the writers and of the editor of the tip of the House of Ideas. Among the many tested, of which it occupied, there was also the Mighty Thor and, in the case of the blond hero norse, shooting, and deepened many of the items at the time introduced from Smiling. Unlike Stan, however, he tried, when possible, to stay true to the nordic tradition, while taking into consideration the appearance supereroico of the Marvel Universe.

His was not an operation as radical as that made in the eighties by Walt Simonson, but he was not devoid of interest, and the climax took place precisely in the sequence of the Ragnarok published in nn. 273-278 of the Mighty Thor included in this volume. It is the stories, especially with regard to writing, may appear a little dated, considering the density of the texts, but they maintain intact their charm, because that is enhanced by a narrative pace and fast and by a considerable dose of pathos and tension.

It all begins when Thor meets Harris Hobbs, a journalist appeared previously and have knowledge of what at the time was the identity of death by god, the doctor limping Don Blake. The man asks him to take him to Asgard, along with a television crew, for the purpose of carrying out a programme on the world of the gods. Of course, Thor refuses but has not made the accounts with the perfidy and the machinations of the evil Loki. This is the pretext that allows Thomas to outline a story-line drama. In fact, it seems that it's going to reach the moment of the dreaded Ragnarok, which will cause the end of Asgard.

Everything would seem to be in accordance with the ancient prophecies of the seer Volla, starting from the death of the brave Balder. And as the story continues, things seem to constantly get worse for Thor, Odin, Sif, and all the other protagonists of the series. But if Loki has concocted a diabolical plan, maybe someone else has tried to prevent the damage caused by the god of evil.
Thomas uses a plethora of characters and also introduces Red Norvell, a mortal fell in love with Sif who will become the God of Thunder, and then reappear occasionally in the books, Marvel, and having fun with the Midgard Serpent, the goddess of death, Hela, the trolls, the giants, the Three Warriors, and so on, narrating a plot based on the action in the pure state. It is a typical product of the Marvel style, made with taste and professionalism.

The level of the drawings is mighty. Of the rest, the penciler is the late John Buscema, Michelangelo of comics, one of the pillars of the Marvel that had already made the episodes memorable of the Silver Surfer, Conan The Barbarian, Avengers, and other jewelry. His style is naturalistic, and what is most striking is the perfect representation of human bodies, setting in the classical style, a real trademark of his suddenly muscular and graceful at the same time.

In this case, the pencils are finished by another legendary name of the comic strip in the stars and stripes, the skittish Tom Palmer, one of the best inkers ever still in operation. Its chine, which lend an aura of gloomy and crepuscular drawing of Buscema, undoubtedly appropriate for an adventure of the end of the world the main theme. In short, this is a book to keep an eye on, recommended to fans of Thor and Marvel and those who wish to discover or rediscover the magic of the seventies.

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