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Published on Feb 06, 2018


IKEA has created and developed a lighting system smart really intriguing, and with excellent growth potential. This is the largest competitor to the Philips Hue. Let's find out better.

Now they are becoming more widespread, the lighting solutions smart. The building automation and automation in the home are always more useful for the users and the manufacturers adapt accordingly and produce more and more smart products, which are compatible in the first place with HomeKit Apple.

After seeing the iconic series products, Philips HUE, and having tried some bulb WiFi spread this on Amazon sold by some manufacturers, we want to talk about a solution very interesting developed by IKEA, the institution is Swedish in the field of furniture and design of interior and exterior.

We wanted to try the kit more useful for you to start, comfortable to understand the potential of the service and discover any defects in the system. The kit we chose is called TRÅDFRI and integrates the gateway, or the bridge that connects to the network and that makes the smart lighting, remote control dimmer and wireless two light bulbs of type E27, LED light spectrum, white. The light bulb E27 base bulbs are bulbs are the most common, with attack great, but there are clearly a multitude of models available to expand the system, including the most particular GU10.

This kit is only for white light, color temperature adjustable according to your needs, and then not in color. IKEA, as well as the Philips, however, has a price list kit with colored bulbs with the ability to change the color according to your needs and tastes. But that's not all: if Philips has made of the ceiling light fixtures design round, IKEA has made LED panels to be applied on walls and ceilings that are capable of integrating even better the lighting technology smart home. These panels are called FLOALT and are available in various sizes. Best of ceiling lights by Philips? Surely given that this, in addition to being a key product line for smart IKEA, is a modular system. The panels can fit well to every type of need. Those who want to transform a house so you will surely find much more comfortable with the system IKEA thanks to this ingenious solution. Not only bulbs but real panels of light to join between them to generate customized creations. Not just a simple ceiling light then.

But let's get to our kit in detail, and let's find out in his every feature. The bulbs that are you can clearly install in each chandelier, floor lamp, floor lamp or table lamp with the specified attack. It will then be the gateway to control them and to perfemetterne smart management and automation with the app or with HomeKit.

To configure the gateway, you need to connect it to the home's internet via an Ethernet cable and follow a few steps to set up better bulbs and the integration with HomeKit. Pity that the giveaway is in need of an Ethernet cable for this to work, it would have been nice is totally wireless and with only the power cable USB. In any case, the gateway will have two chances to management of the bulbs and the smart IKEA:

Basically, thanks to the gateway, we can do different things with the lights as they switch them on, off, adjust its intensity, choose the color and switch from warm light to cold light in a few moments.

The installation is quite simple but we must be careful to follow to the letter the instructions contained in the package. With all that is contained in the kit the installation is not properly intuitive. The first thing we have to place the light bulbs and turn on the switch that supplies power (e.g. a chandelier or a floor lamp). After that we connect the gateway to our router and then proceed with the configuration of the app and the remote control. Just follow the directions in the application to be able to proceed with the installation, and the coupling with the individual bulbs.

The application in question is available for free through Google Play or the App Store and works with Android (starting from version KitKat 4.4 and Lollipop 5.0) and iOS (from version iOS 8). The app also is quite fluid and is developed carefully in order to be as reliable as possible, with so many updates and so many options.

Let's talk more about the application and svisceriamo its full potential. We will be able to set the mood, the programs and make use of up to 10 smartphone or tablet to manage the lights.

A mood is a setting of color and brightness that we can apply to a group of lights. For example, in the living room or any room we can create a warmer light for dining or conversation, and a more cold and intense to work. From the app we can create the mood custom and control them with the app TRÅDFRI. There are mood pre-installed of the IKEA and the empty slots to create new and customized according to the needs and requirements.

The products can then be grouped into groups, in fact, to be managed with more ease. We can connect a total of 50 products to the gateway, and split up the lights for the group (a maximum of 10 light sources and a control device for the group).

We then set a light as an alarm clock, turn on/off the lights at pre-set times or set a schedule so that the lights come on when we want to, even if we are away from home. For the awakening, it is very nice the soft-start of the lights 30 minutes before the set time.

There is, however, a limit to consider when we talk about the app IKEA. The devices can be controlled manually via the app outside the home it is the only direct connection to the same WiFi. In contrast, HomeKit runs quietly even on the outside so it offers more possibilities.

Automation with HomeKit then it is definitely the most comfortable which allows us to create scenarios and rules to manage the lights. For example, we may tell the system to turn on the lights when we are home and off when at certain times, or when we go away, perhaps thanks to an additional sensor that is compatible with the protocol HomeKit. As you may have guessed, we can manage the lights along with other smart products compatible with Apple's HomeKit. If you want, as we said, there is also a motion sensor, optional you can buy, capable of providing a gear system.

Caution: in order to be able to manage the automation and the power on and off from the outside, and then without being connected to the same WiFi network, it is necessary that the house is configured a HUB HomeKit as a Apple TV fourth-generation, or iPad with iOS 10 or later. In this way, any operation can be performed easily from the outside.

We have appreciated a lot of the management from outside through the HUB with Apple TV fourth generation is to check on the status of the lights, maybe if we forget them on, both to find them lit at our return. It is easy to ask Siri to turn them on, maybe while we are in the elevator, and then find them ready when we open the door.

The only flaw that we found in the management with HomeKit is relative to the adjustment of the color temperature of the bulbs, which cannot be changed using Siri, but that requires the app's Home, if we use the Italian language as the language of iOS, the iOS, or Apple Watch.

Let us make a consideration on the energy consumption in standby. These lights in fact require that the chandelier, the ceiling or any other support which we link to the bulbs, are turned on, so as to leave the gateway on and off stand-alone products. For this reason, the bulbs consume a bit of energy in standby. None of that, but is it right to specify the power consumption in standby mode, which amounts to 0.5 W. In each case, the energy efficiency class is A+ and the energy consumption the weighted of 12kWh/1000h.

The lighting is very effective and can be adjusted very precisely. Speaking of technical data, we know that the temperature default color is 2700K, clearly customizable, and that the rated luminous flux is 980lm for the lights in the kit.




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