Ikea launches the alarm: immediate withdrawal of an article that is very famous


Published on Sep 30, 2018


Ikea raises the alarm regarding one of the items most sold in recent years

After numerous checks of the Swedish giant Ikea, is clicked the announcement of the withdrawal from the market of a subject present in many Italian homes. We are talking about the ceiling light Calypso, produced in the years from 2016 to the present.

After several reports from customers, Ikea has conducted surveys on the ceiling offending discovered that his weight is excessive and makes the object dangerous to the high risk of a fall. Immediate the position taken by the Swedish company.

In the notice issued by the company, it is recommended that all customers who have purchased the Calypso from August 2016 to today, to check all the production data of the object. (Continued after photo)

The ceiling light has now been put immediately out of the market and all of those who are in possession can bring in the first Ikea store available.

Inside of Calypso, there are four numbers in the sequence. These correspond to the year and week of production.

For simplicity, the series can be described with the acronym AASS. The data very important is the number of lots at risk. Anyone who has numbers between 1625 and 1744 included, please return the product in the store.

Ikea is not new to these initiatives of prevention and is said to be available to match in regard to the problem situation. Difficult to think that the announcement reaches all the buyers of the product in question. This, however, is the only way to try to limit any damage to objects or persons resulting from an error of designing a piece of furniture with among the most sold in recent years.

For more information you can go to the nearest sales point or go to the website of the company for the avoidance of doubt.

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