IHealth Lina, the new balance smart that helps keep you in shape


Published on Nov 13, 2017


iHealth, a well-known company specialized in smart accessories dedicated to health, launches on the market the new smart kid scale iHealth Lina.

iHealth Lina offers accurate measurements(weight and body mass index, BMI, in addition to the monitoring function of the data over time through the application iHealth MyVitals. The balance also has a very nice design, that adapts to any type of environment.

Even if iHealth Lina serves mainly to weigh yourself, through the app iHealth MyVitals it is possible to calculate easily your body mass index (BMI), which enables you to evaluate the excess weight. Thanks to the precise measurements and the LED display is easy to read, configure it as a very useful tool for those who want to constantly measure your weight. The balance is also equipped with four adjustable feet to stabilize the use if you want to place it on a carpet or a mat.

iHealth Lina connects via Bluetooth to the iPhone and automatically stores up to 200 measurements. In the case of shared use, for example in the family, the results can be filtered in different accounts. In this way, each user can keep track of its curve and weight, both the daily and long-term, as well as consult with your town in the form of numeric data or graph.

The app also allows you to define fitness goals, and is a valuable help to maintain motivation over time. In addition, all data is securely stored on the cloud, where with a simple click they can be exported in PDF format and shared with friends, personal trainer, doctor or nutritionist.


iHealth Lina will be available by the end of November at the retail price of 49,95€.

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