IHealth Lina, the balance smart to always keep fit


Published on Feb 10, 2018


We tried the new balance Lina realized by iHealth, a company for years specialized in the production of smart accessories dedicated to health.

The packaging of the iHealth Lina is full of information, with the front part that shows the product in its interests. On the back we also find the QR code by framing with the iPhone to immediately install the app on. Inside we find the balance of smart iHealth Lina, quick installation guide, user manual, and 4 AAA batteries not rechargeable.

The design of this scale is truly cared for. Looking good in any type of environment, both modern and classic, with smooth lines and a neutral color, but always elegant. The entire line is broken only by the written iHealth in the bottom part of the display at the top. One of the most beautiful scales smart in the market, especially for those who love a minimal aesthetic. The dimensions are equal to 310mm × 310mm × 26.5 mm with a weight of 1.75 kg. These 4 adapters, rug/carpet place it on the 4 pins that allow to stabilize the balance for precise measurement.

At a functional level, iHealth Lina is a balance of smart that connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth (the app is available for free on the App Store). The balance is capable of measuring the weight and the BMI. The measuring range goes from 5 to 180 kilograms, with a precision of ±1% compared to the actual weight of the subject.

The weight appears instantly on the screen, bright LED, and through the app you can follow the evolution of your weight over the course of the day. In addition, the app also shows the body mass index, thanks to the data sent automatically from the scale.

iHealth Lina save up to 200 measurements, and then you can filter the results on the application to select only your, in the case of a family use. The app, in fact, it also supports multiple accounts.

In the case of shared use, for example in the family, the results can be filtered in different accounts. In this way, each user can keep track of its curve and weight, both the daily and long-term, as well as consult with your town in the form of numeric data or graph.

The app also allows you to define fitness goals, and is a valuable help to maintain motivation over time. In addition, all data is securely stored on the cloud, where with a simple click they can be exported in PDF format and shared with friends, personal trainer, doctor or nutritionist.

Once you have connected the balance to the free app iHealth MyVitals available for iOS and Android, you can know your BMI and set goals to shape. Then, you can see the curve of the weight and the history of your results, accessible at any time. The data can be shared with the doctor or with their coach/instructor.

Therefore, it is a great product for those who want to control your weight and your BMI, having saved all the data in chronological order. And the app is well as a little motivator! Nice Design, functions easy to use excellent app.

The balance iHealth Lina is available at the price of 49,95€.

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