IFood Fair Concrete Utopias in Città di Castello.

Published on Nov 13, 2016

Set within the rooms of Palazzo Bufalini, in the centre of the town walls of the city, ended on Sunday 6 November, the Fiera Utopie Concrete, Città di Castello.

The theme for Agriculture, Food and Climate – Accelerate the ecological conversion explains well the reasons of the exhibition: a reflection, starting from the past and facing the future, the food in all its aspects and consequent impacts.

Many events in the program in the photographic exhibition “Work, eat & click!”, which illustrates the change of the role of the food from the beginning of the Twentieth century to today and which has seen a sharer in IFood, with its video recipes, at conferences (“Paths towards an agriculture of the future”, The climate changes. Which adaptation for agriculture?, Eat good for the climate) until the wine and food route “The taste of the encounter” in collaboration with slow food Alta Umbria and the Professional Training Centre G. Bufalini.

Do not miss play and educational activities for children such as the performance artist Andrea Lensi, the Workshop Comics & Earth's climate by the artist Alessandro Wand and of the students of class 5B of the Institute IIS “Franchetti Salviani” and the play “Bread, Love and Fantasy” of the theater company MEDEM.

Other educational activities in the program, as a result of the earthquake have not been made, but will be rescheduled for the month of November.

Great interest was aroused by the installation of a tv in the loop transmitted to the video-recipes Ifood where children and adults have stopped to watch, sitting on the ground and armed with a pen and paper.


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