IFixit: “The components of the Series 5 are almost identical to the Series 4”


Published on Sep 25, 2019


iFixit: “The components of the Series 5 are almost identical to the Series 4”

The interior of the Apple Watch Series 5 are almost identical to the internal components of the Apple Watch Series 4, according to the teardown carried out by repair site iFixit.

This should not be surprising as the two devices are identical in design, and the main difference is the display is Always-On in the most recent model.

Fixit hoped to take a look at the changes implemented to allow the display Always-On, but a large part of the innovation that relates to the display technology, is “invisible to the human eye“.

The site has identified a new ambient light sensor that is embedded under the OLED panel and Apple says that there are display driver most advanced chip power management also improved in the 5 Series.

There is a new built-in compass, and the battery is slightly larger than the battery of the Series 4 (1,4% larger in the model 44 mm). The chip of the Series 5 includes 32 GB of storage space, from 16 GB, and the new compass, but has the same GPU and CPU of the Series 4, so there are improvements of the actual performance.

iFixit says that there are small changes to the connectors for Taptic Engine, display and battery, which means that components are not generally interchangeable, but for the rest the two devices are “very similar” on the inside.




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