IFixit on the problems of iOS 11.3: Apple is not sabotaging the repairs of third-party software bugs


Published on Apr 17, 2018


Last week it emerged that the replacement of the display by third parties on the iPhone that is running iOS 11.3 makes it virtually unusable devices. Then emerged other problems, concerning some features such as Battery Status (after replacing the battery), or the auto brightness and the True Tone on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X.

The comparisons to Apple are not missed, indeed. iFixit, however, has revealed that these problems are mainly due to the software, and should not be regarded as deliberate attempts of the company to Cupertino to sabotage the replacements made by a third party.

First, iFixit said they have identified the issue related to Battery Status and will soon be offering batteries that are compatible with the useful features. But, despite this, there remain doubts whether a software update may extend the function to the other batteries already on the market:

We have identified the communication problem with the battery in iOS 11.3, and soon we will be able to offer batteries with the full support to the function State of the Battery.

Instead, as regards the problem of the touchscreen, the team explained that it can be corrected retroactively on display are older, but that we must still wait for a option do-it-yourself:

The same is true for the problem with the touchscreen, that has been corrected on our new display and can be corrected with retroactive effect also on display are older with a flash firmware (unfortunately not currently an option for do-it-yourself).

Finally, according to iFixit, the issue of True Tone, and the auto-brightness on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X is more “discreet”, and that seems to be related to hardware problems during power-on:

The interesting thing is that if you perform a hot-swap of the display (not recommended, but it is something that we have done for testing purposes), the sensor continues to work fine, but is automatically disabled upon reboot. This led us to think that it is a hardware problem in the start-up phase of the device.

We'll see if Apple – as in the case of the well-known Error 53 relative to the Home button – will release a software update can solve these problems. You have also found you these problems after you have installed iOS 11.3? Have your say in the comments.

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