IFixit disassembles the Smart Battery Case


Published on Dec 10, 2015


As with all Apple products, iFixit has decided to also remove the Smart Battery Case to discover the secrets of the hardware.

The Smart Battery Case is the first battery-cover ever made by Apple. The materials are of high quality, thanks to the use of microfibre top-level inside the housing, and silicone is very resistant to the outside.

Also good is the build quality, since the battery is protected in a metal panel that also reinforces the overall structure of the housing, by increasing the protection for the iPhone.

iFixit confirms that the battery is 1.877 mAh, capable of ensuring a charge up to 85% on the iPhone 6/6s, and then allow several hours of autonomy. Inside we also find a small mother board, protected by a small microfibre lining. Apple has then I choose to manage charging via software, then inside the battery, there are a few hardware components (the two integrated circuits are the same as already used by Apple in the devices of the series Magic).

Other confirmation: the connector for the 3.5 mm jack does not allow you to use many headphones and earphones products from third party companies.

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