IFixit disassembles the iPhone XR: here's everything that has been discovered


Published on Oct 27, 2018


iFixit, with the usual speed that characterizes them, have already disassembled the iPhone, XR in such a way to provide us with additional information that do not directly appear on the sheet.

When disassembling the iPhone XR blue, iFix has noticed that the internal screws are the same color of the smartphone. This is attention to detail.

In this smartphone we find, for the first time, a new modular slot for the SIM card, which is also positioned slightly lower compared to the other models. The new structure allows for faster replacement and reduces costs if we need to replace the logic board on which was first anchored the piece.

The battery returns to a vertical, single cell, such as the iPhone 8 and earlier, then we do not have the l-shape The battery is 2942 mAh, greater than the 2658 mAh of the iPhone XS, and lower than that of from eur 3 174 mAh of the iPhone XS Max. This had to be expected, given the size of the device.

According to the first test, the battery has a longer life compared to the iPhone XS to the Max, and this could be explained by the density of the pixels of the display that is less. Only 3GB of RAM instead of 4, processor A12 Bionic, 3 audio amplifiers and the same module the WiFi/Bluetooth of the more expensive models.

No difference for the front camera True Depth which is practically the same that we find on the iPhone XS and XS Max. The Lightning connector is slightly moved to the right: it is not perfectly aligned with the centre of the device, and this may be caused by the LCD screen with edges reduced.


The coil for wireless charging is copper, which ensures a transfer rate that is higher, equal to XS and XS Max.

Degree of repairability: 6/10

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