If Jessica Notaro at Dancing with the stars: the lawyers of her ex asking for the removal of Wild Lucarelli and Roberta Bruzzone


Published on Apr 10, 2018


A very unusual claim that the lawyers of the ex-boyfriend of Jessica Notaro would be to do: request the removal of Roberta Bruzzone and Wild Lucarelli from Dancing with the stars. As you know the ex-boyfriend of Jessica, is accused of having thrown acid on him and is in prison where he is serving the punishment for this act, and for stalking, but has not been convicted in a definitive way in the three degrees of judgment. The lawyer then claim the fact that the process to Edson, with the participation of Jessica on Dancing with the stars, has become the media, and that this exposition of the story, does not do well in the events of the trial of their client. This was already talked about in the episode of Dancing with the stars aired on the 7th of April. On that occasion, Milly Carlucci had expressed the solidarity of the team Dancing to Jessica and in the same way the Notary had publicly declared that will not stand in silence.

Always in the episode of Dancing with the stars on Saturday morning, Roberta Bruzzone and Wild Lucarelli had lined up from the part of Jessica, giving the girl all their support and great encouragement. Apparently, however, this situation is not appreciated by the legal team of Edson that have decided to intervene a second time in this story.

Lawyers for Tavares, who is serving the sentence of 18 years (10 for the aggression with acid to Jessica and 8 for stalking against him) do not intend to leave this story without the ending that they consider appropriate and for this comment on what happened Saturday evening on tv but not only. From the pages of Il resto del Carlino, do know that they are going to act. How? They will ask for Wild Lucarelli and Roberta Bruzzone be removed from the program. Attorney Luzi says: "What happened Saturday, April 7, in the transmission – is very serious. For the insults and the attacks that we have received, for the manner in which judges and competitors, commenting on a story of the case that don't know, and that is not yet come to an end, seeing that so far there has been a judgment of first instance. We cannot continue to tolerate what is happening on Dancing with the stars".

Lawyers do know that this story will go next, and that, as I said earlier act. Will by a second letter , this time addressed to the ministry of Justice and the supervisory authorities of the Rai, to ask for the "once and for all to put an end to that process is the media that has been unleashed against Tavares in the program of television. There is an in-game issue, a theme of the right: the processes should be made in the classroom, not on television. We ask that you put an end to this situation, which does nothing more than aggravate in view of the process to the Court of Appeal".

Luzi in the letter will also names and surnames: "For how they behave and for what they have said, Wild Lucarelli, and Roberta Bruzzone must be immediately moved away from the transmission, it is the one that will ask you to the oversight of the Rai and the ministry of Justice".

Let's imagine that this story will be much to talk about but that is unlikely to end with the removal of the Wild, and Roberta Bruzzone from the program of rai 1. We ask one thing: what is the difference of the comments gods Wild, and Roberta Bruzzone on Dancing with the stars, compared to the comments that are always on tv in the talk during which we discuss the cases of the chronicle? Difficult to understand it. But you can't really know what will be the decisions about. Let's imagine that at the most, if you really censorship there must be, the two ladies will be invited to comment in any way the performances of Jessica, or to limit itself only to do so for what concerns the dance.

Here is the response of Wild Lucarelli on the social at the request of the lawyers of Tavares

I find out today that the lawyers of Tavares, the one who gettó the acid on the face of Jessica, have asked the supervisory Rai and the ministry of justice to prevent from here on out my participation and that of Roberta Bruzzone on Dancing with the stars.
Tavares, in the past few days, he had written to the newspapers that Jessica is using the story of the case to make the show. Well yes it is. I am guilty of having said “we don't speak on the procedural rights of Tavares, which he did not interfere with the right of Jessica to be happy.” Remember, our lawyers Tavares (funny that it should remind me of who the law was designed) that the right of expression is guaranteed by article 21 of the Constitution. And if you don't remind him to do things to your remembrance, the release of my lawyer.
Not looking for visibility on the skin of his assisted, thank goodness.

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