“If Elodie”: Emma Brown responds to accusations of Red Ronnie!

Published on Mar 25, 2017

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Emma Brown does not send her to say!

Some day we are talking about the case broke out around the “divorce” between the rockstar salento winner of the 9 and its protected Elodie Di Patrizi (HERE all the details). After the decision of the latter's close relations with its mentor, in fact, the journalist Red Ronnie revealed the truth about the not-too-uplifting (you can find it all HERE).

And, needless to say, the response of Emma, not long to wait...

If Elodie: Emma Brown ends up under indictment!

Here, then, the response of Emma Brown to Red Ronnie:

“I would have preferred to stay in silence, so as I have done on thousands of occasions in my life because I have always preferred were the facts, in time, to speak in my place.

In front of so much superficiality and ignorance, in the sense that the person who lets you speak without knowing things, and if I say too much and out of turn, I can't ostinarmi to remain silent, because that would be to give my assent to statements like, “you Guys cheated in the name of the audience and of the power of television” and I do feel compelled to defend my dignity, my position and the context.

I have never used nor exploited anyone, in this case Elodie, for personal benefit. I started a journey with you inside of Friends that we decided together to continue after the program, off camera.

I tried to give her all the tools at my disposal to enhance and preserve his talent, not to mention the human side that always has been, and is the basis of everything, for me.

In regard to his choice, is HIS choice, I find it inappropriate all these advocates of the devil, who are the first to feed of the Talent of the Talent to his own use and consumption and when appropriate.

Compared to your “call” my dear Red Ronnie has been forwarded to whom it may concern, I am the singer, and in the case of Elodie, I wrote some songs, and I collaborated with Luca Mattioni to the production of his album, by investing time and money, if it is not coming in the transmission you probably there will have been reasons of time and/or commitments to other scheduled.

This post you could save or how much less you could use terms more elegant against a GIRL that you have always treated with the utmost respect.

Gentlemen born... it is true... and, as always, the facts will speak for me and put a point to these controversies as sterile that are bad for the music and to those who put soul and heart for the love of the same.

The rest of the comments only comes from the vanes to beat depending on how the wind blows.


Love finished between Elodie and Emma: announced the “divorce”!

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