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Published on May 08, 2020


1/3Anne Fleming, A goat on the roof, Mondadori2/3Anne Fleming, A goat on the roof, Mondadori3/3Anne Fleming, A goat on the roof, Mondadori

Anne Fleming, A goat on the roof, Mondadori

The novel by the canadian author is a novel choral and well written that tells the story of the strange case of a mountain goat that lives on a skyscraper in the city. If it was not, however, for the glimpses of the initials that describe us the clues almost unequivocal in his presence, I almost do not think to the goat, because this novel is also the story of all the tenants who live in the building under the hooves and to the raids of the goat. The writing is smooth, even if the steps of focusing and some of the dialogues betray a writing rather adult, which, however, is consistent with the characterization of the characters (adults) who live their lives/stories in New York.

Among all the characters vie for the stage Kid, a little girl completely blocked by the shyness and Will a child stuck emotionally from the dramatic loss of her parents, will join in the effort to discover the truth about the goat and they will succeed.

The stories that intertwine are all equally adventurous and interesting, the adults are described in a way that is not hateful (which is what often happens if there are kids) and the children are living their path of growth and change in a positive environment, where the friendship, but also the support of the micro-community will make the difference.

A curious proposal from the flavor of the new york.

By 9 years.

The article will be Short seems to be the first on a low Shelf.




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