I Will Be Brief


Published on Apr 28, 2020



Thierry Lenain – Manon Gauthier, She will always be there, green Lion

I don't know with certainty who to give this book, perhaps not to a child, why the melancholy intertwined with the deep love leads us inevitably to think about a detachment, to the death perhaps.

"To welcome me and keep me warm and she was there"

In a gallery of intimate moments, and newspapers, the text reiterates the importance of having lived with someone: your mother!

The collage of Manon Gauthier are simply perfect, melancholic, beautiful.

The book ends on a:

"She was there... and there will always be"

in an instant, moving but also very sad.

A precious gift to remember and make memories of a mother who is no longer there (maybe even just because it leaves us in the asylum), but that in the end will always be there, because it is in our hearts.

For all, but with a particular sensitivity.

The article will be Short seems to be the first on a low Shelf.




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