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Published on Feb 05, 2020


1/5Marina Morpurgo - Gaia Star, dog's Life, Feltrinelli2/5Marina Morpurgo - Gaia Star, dog's Life, Feltrinelli3/5Marina Morpurgo - Gaia Star, dog's Life, Feltrinelli4/5Marina Morpurgo - Gaia Star, dog's Life, Feltrinelli5/5Marina Morpurgo - Gaia Star, dog's Life, Feltrinelli

Marina Morpurgo – Gaia Star, dog's Life, Feltrinelli

Dog's life is a guide-the novel between the more agile and accurate that I have found on the topic of the relationship children-dogs. Set as a story in the first person, gives voice to Blasco, dog de agua Portuguese, as well as the family dog, who tells us about life from his point of view and gets lost in digressions tasty and unusual.

As you approach a dog? What scares him? What we should not do? In alternating narratives of incidents of real life, the book provides young readers with clear directions for learning how to read the behaviour and needs of dogs: you talk about the dynamics on a leash, we describe the signals of the dog is often misunderstood (such as the tail that moves that is not always a sign of joy!), speaking of calming signals, i.e. those behaviors which the dog uses to express discomfort.

The illustrator Gaia Stella life-giving small glimpses manualistici clear: real small dictionaries canines, but also handbooks of conduct that a master copy should never forget (the poop it collects, the dog must be on a leash, etc.)!

In addition to this there is no lack of curiosity as working dogs or dogs in the literature, the descent of the dog from the wolf and the daily news in the most original fish here and there.

Only drawback I find that it is the superficiality with which a discourse about race, related to the choice of the dog, you have drawn some conclusions like this: "the dachshunds, being small, can be taken for a walk by the children"...
For the rest, a book well done.

By 7 years.

The article will be Short seems to be the first on a low Shelf.




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