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Published on Oct 15, 2019


1/2Florence Parry Heide - Sergio Ruzzier, children's Stories perfect, Bompiani2/2Florence Parry Heide - Sergio Ruzzier, children's Stories perfect, Bompiani

Florence Parry Heide – Sergio Ruzzier, children's Stories perfect, Bompiani

Every mother who read this book will understand and will surely bear witness without hesitation to be the mom of one or more perfect children. This collection of absurd and maleficamente ironic, in fact, celebrates the children perfect: those who complain, disobey, are ruses to unthinkable, also disordered, make stenches... But do you not think that the description of the worst of the mischief is offered to the readers to deduce, for retaliation, a eulogy of the children obedient. No, No. Florence Parry Heids celebrates children malmostosi, those lagnosi, those that we hate and does so with a sincere admiration that you can't laugh at yourself. You have in mind when you want to dedicate 9 minutes and a half for you to the shower and into the hands of the child, the more asking to watch it, and he has been doing? And when you sustain with adamant statements that the sweet is eaten only after you got rid of the carrots? Here are the children's perfect in this story take their own letter to their parents.

The most suitable illustrations of those Ruzzier were impossible.

The triumph of the children, of those the most heinous but perhaps more real and a healthy resizing of the claim of impeccability as an adult.

To die from laughing.

From the age of 6.

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