I think so: the new uniforms in the NFL


Published on Apr 09, 2020


Spring cleaning between the logos and the uniforms the NFL. Come for the novelty. And what's more subjective of a font, a color or a design? And so now I say to you as I think. And it is impossible that you will agree with me on everything. Difficult on the majority of my opinions. Possible with some of them. Likely with some. But #iolapensocosì.

Premise: I make a general point, this is a piece of opinion, not “explain”. For the latter you would need an analysis that is divided between helmets, uniforms and logos. This is not the place in which to do it. Here I tell you what I like.

Let's start from the latest news: the uniforms of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons. I did not like the first nor of the Bucs or the Falcons. At first I was almost used to it, in their strangeness. The second, with numbers “Nascar”, just zero. That said. The restyling for me it was very bad in both cases. Just do not convince me, neither the one nor the other. Tampa Bay is back to those of the end 90's early 2000 and I didn't like even back then. Too dark shades of red to my tastes. In those in Atlanta do not like the “Atl” above the number. In general I don't like the lettering on the uniforms of football. So for me to have rejected also those of the Browns, for example. But there things that I do not share are several: I was one of those who liked those simple first. The font of the numbers according to me are an improvement for the Falcons, but to say that they are beautiful... I can't. I do not like for nothing then the gradient. Stove so dramatic after just a short time.

Basic I love the uniforms and the logos are simple and classic. I don't like the mix of colors to the Bengals, the experiments type helmet two-tone with the Jaguars a couple of restyling ago. I have an aversion to the uniform and the logo of the Ravens, the font of the numbers that I do not like as well as the contour and gold logo, too arzigogolato. And Titans, which I preferred to the colors and logo when they were the Houston Oilers. Here is then there are the Patriots, Texans and Cardinals: they are not bad but I see them anonymous. Arizona I would like to allargasse the numbers, I like beautiful big on the uniforms of football. Also in front of it.

I am one of those, however, which like the uniform of Seattle with the inserts fluo. We are few? Maybe very few? Peace. Do not convince me for anything in the revisions of New York, we see a return to the years ’80-’90 of which I would have done just that. Detroit, on the contrary, he had a beautiful uniform in those years, and the updates to make it more modern mica have convinced me. Not to mention that now, even the font of the numbers and the silver slip of the blue I garbano. Sin.

It must be said that in the NFL there has been a tendency to eliminate the soft colours: the orange of the Bucs, to the celestial of the Oilers to the light green of the Eagles. Which I rather like. As much as I liked the light orange of the Broncos, one of my combo uniform-helmet favorite. Similar to the Dolphins, who have improved with the last update. But do better than the perfection they had in the past was impossible. I'm a nostalgic, I know, and doesn't bother me.

I consider myself lucky, fan Vikings, of the work done on the helmet and uniform from Minnesota. After a horrible previous full that he had spoiled the superb split simple purple, the current is appreciable. I consider it good also those of the Chargers, which I need not distort the uniform current.

Which currencies will not toccherei ever? Surely the classicissime like the Packers, Raiders, Colts, Saints (even if small changes made over the years, I would have avoided: I repeat, I love the big numbers), Redskins, and Chiefs. For me that type of uniform “is football”. Then those of the Steelers, one of the font “modern” that I like most. And in the theme font, I like her one of the Bears, perfect with those colors. Then those present of the Niners. Clean and simple. And the Cowboys, for the same reason. Top of those Bills current, after the considerable missteps in the recent past.
And I'll tell you: those of the Panthers for me there are. Not the stravolgerei. While the Jaguars are struggling to find a satisfactory balance.
Who rinfrescherei? The Eagles. especially the shade of green (but it should be!). The Bengals (but don't touch me, the helmet). The Rams, but they are doing it (and the logo just no, I don't like).

You agree with me? No? I told you! But #iolapensocosì.

PS: in the past, I have dabbled in designing the uniforms for my teams flag, and basketball. I know it is difficult, as well as the result is not definitive. And can be complex to find a solution that does not sfiorisca in a hurry. Stay classic! It is the winning solution for me. And, no. Put all agree is not possible.




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