I knocked at the home of Valentina Nappi in L. A., we have made 4 friends and I photographed her

Published on Jun 17, 2016

Valentina Nappi lives and works for part of the year in Los Angeles, to be exact in the San Fernando Valley, world capital of the pornography industry since the seventies. Here were shot about 80% of the films red lights, and this place has been renamed with names such as “Porn Valley”, “San Pornando Valley” and “Silicone Valley” (in contrast to the famous Silicon Valley). We meet in a quiet, residential neighbourhood where you are staying, in a house of a fellow american. Valentina I receives in sealing the home, the serene, the air lazy, from what I have read is not a girl very smiling but today seems to be well prepared. While we ring the doorbell, the bellman leaves a large parcel at the entrance, some erotic game you think, in reality, only meat, ham, swiss, chicken, all exclusively organic!

If for the photos, everything runs smoothly, I can not say the same of the interview: mea culpa, a bit because I want to try to understand, go to the bottom of things, a little’ because I can't not have my say after I noticed some contradiction, and, finally, because, having been a scholar of the cinema before that photographer, I couldn't not to challenge, or otherwise I couldn't accept without question certain statements and beliefs of Valentina, who seemed to me sometimes to be illogical and a bit superficial. Sometimes I didn't understand if we were talking about sex, of pornography in general, or of pornographic films, it is certainly true when it says that although they are more famous and with more followers of certain antigen-presenting earn less than these. Leaving aside my point of view I can tell you what I believe to be his Valentina would like that there would be no more taboo in sex, that no one had the reactions of a sense of shame or disgust if you found a porn in the tv to the evening news, and a variety (perhaps instead of Strip the news), nobody had the decency in general. Valentina would like that the porn was appreciated by the critics. Without prejudice, could make a porn movie art but for them there is a need (according to her) a lot of money and the money does not arrive because there are no sponsors, the sponsors are not there because there is the bias... pulls in dance often video art, but it seems to not take into account the fact that if the porn film becomes something purely experimental and artistic then you would address such a niche, and as such would lose its popularity and however they depart more and more from the pornographic films in order to approach contemporary art, where, among other things, many of the artists already insert items pornographic. In short, a theoretical discourse and aesthetic more complex than it seems.

I: how do you live here?

VALENTINA: I got the visa a year and a half ago

I: AND how are you?

VALENTINA: I am Not evil, I'm really appreciating with time, we say that according to me Los Angeles is not a place for tourists. Usually the people who come here to visit Hollywood... Downtown, for example, is much more interesting.

I: I read a little of your statements before coming here, this your export, you pulls upon many complaints I guess.

VALENTINA: Because you touch a sore point that all atavicamente have, and that is the idea that “they are all sluts except for my sister and my mother”... as if being “slutty” is a bad thing. The trojan in a country is bad view, as if you were speaking of the village idiot, even worse. Why?

I: your colleagues do not care, or make your own battles?

VALENTINA: some do not care and others are my own battles, let's say that women have more awareness. The career in porn is not very long, if you are a porn actor, you are “cool” but if you are a woman is different, you're not seen as a lucky, you're one that takes a lot of peas, and exit is labeled and then you find yourself having to fight just to live peacefully.
However, I have started to be ghettoized before I started my career from school times...

I: Why? At the age of fifteen you thought already to promiscuity?

VALENTINA: Even at the age of thirteen.

I: AND this made you malvedere more from the girls or from the guys?

VALENTINA: I noticed that when I speak of a couple women you irritate a lot more, have reactions schifate!

I Probably if in life we could live the moments of anonymity and the reality would be different, what do you think?

VALENTINA: Ah, you mean that the girls if they fuck around, you know, and in fact when they go abroad they combine all the colors... Why is it so! It seems an instinct of reproduction, but we are human being we have also the reason!

I: it seems to Me that you svalorizzi sex and at the same time give a lot of value, am I wrong?

VALENTINA: that's what I think, the vagina must never lose value, it should be something more rare compared to the penis. On the other hand, however, the sex should be valued. Think about all the design work that is done for a chair whose sole purpose is to sit down, while for the masturbation, which for us is less noble to sit in, we don't have so many choices. 90% of the toys are toy chinese useless, and few are those who actually have an innovation or are aesthetically beautiful.

I: you Seem very convinced... by the way, but then Siffredi that said to leave the porn it seems to me he did not do this, is it wrong?

VALENTINA: After all that has been done to the porn by a dignity and make it legal to get him to say “I'll leave the porn for my wife”?

I: May be said simply because one with the passing of the years changes their mind, that I know, see the Madonna.

VALENTINA: Here in America it is very common, here there are catholic associations that pay porn star who no longer work so much, pay them maybe for him to say that they have caught HIV on the set, which then fail to demonstrate given that the types of tests that we do are very quick and frequent, and we run much less risk of who does this work.

I: Before the advent of Porn 2.0, the industry hard was very profitable, I read that The Observer in 2007 accreditava in the amount of $ 13 billion. All for you is complicated with the birth of YouPorn and other platforms that provide the content for free, what is your point of view about this?

VALENTINA: The porn doesn't have problems some of the users but, since we are ghettoized, not be able to earn with the regular advertising. If you make us case on porn sites are advertised only sex chat, products to lengthen the penis... the big companies do not want to appear on porn sites because you do not want to compromise their image

I: I Recently heard that Diesel will make your advertising campaign on porn sites

VALENTINA: Well-being, something is changing. The problem is essentially cultural.

I: you want to raise the pornography, what do you mean?

VALENTINA: I have never understood because it goes well you feel like being scared but not to get excited, because you spend a lot of money to make horror movies but not to do porn films, and yet both are genres very specific.

I: well, but they are two things that are a bit different!

VALENTINA: If sex was seen as a normal thing, would lose value and would also allow the porn to have a different focus, more experimental. Fifty shades of grey is all based on taboo because people are attracted to the idea of sex, not from sex in itself, by the power that you have in a certain context that then allows you to have sex and not from pleasure. The average man is excited more by the idea to bribe the secretary and scoparsela that fuck the secretary, simply because it is bona and the like.

I: According to you, just to improve the quality of the pornographic cinema?

VALENTINA: The problem is that we are ghettoized and culturally.

I: you just changed the use of porn? Compared to all the other genres of porn today is used only to get excited and, thus, its purpose is to excite, not to tell a story.

VALENTINA: Think of the kitchen, most of the critics do not believe that it is art, does not equate to the Divine Comedy, why? Because food is something useful, and then can be creative, but it may not be art in the sense above. According to me it matters not the what but the how, and then anything can be art, even the cleaning.

I: AND do you think that the culinary art has the same value as the Divine Comedy?

VALENTINA: in my opinion, is the best of the Divine Comedy!

I: So the porn can be better than Beethoven...

VALENTINA: Yes, in theory.

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