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Published on Aug 03, 2018


Continues in Italy, for BAO Publishing, the irreverent adventure of Gertrude (and his guide Larry) Favolandia, with the antieroina of Skottie Young, who has really tried them all to go home, except... to become good! In the five chapters of volume 3, we find, therefore, an unusual (but perhaps not), a protagonist on the path of redemption.

Gertrude decided to become good, we said. But how does a brat so evil and bloody, the desire to redeem themselves? Perhaps remorse of conscience?

Skottie Young makes will reflect his protagonist on itself making it the mirror, with the usual irony, thanks to the entry in scene of a emulatrice, a passionate fan who wants at all costs to be like her. It was perhaps the lack of a real confrontation with someone that prevented Gert recognize the really violent behavior developed, due perhaps to indigestion of sugar in a country smielatamente as perfect as the one of Favolandia...

For the first time in the series, in each case, without the result ever in the psychological drama, we see the characters try in any way to reflect on their own: Gertrude, indeed, I understand that maybe the real way to get back home is go against the market trend to its more classical impulses and even Larry, with a narrative, dream-like, gives us some more information on him back on his childhood and his eventual life without Gertrude, in a comical but still ampliativa narrative of a few pages.

Hints of characterization of the characters, therefore, never forget the humor, the real protagonist of the entire series: although you see less blood, in this third chapter there is no shortage of laughter and the gag, this time they are markedly sexual.

The author almost seems to want to emphasize the “growth” inside, which led to this turning point for our anti-heroes, and would, therefore, strengthen the main plot. And it is not a coincidence that, on the way to redemption, Gert to meet children and marriage proposals. The growth in Favolandia, probably, he had to pass for acceptance (in a different way and not with axes threatening!) a world of her stranger. The wedding is still far away as well as children, but who knows that becoming a good not allow you really to be able to finally go home...or, at the very least, escape to hell!

While remaining in line with the previous volumes regarding the tone, Skottie Young, features new themes, and another view on the now-proven protagonists of the story. With the usual irony, Hatred Favolandia vol.3 is the new “material” to analyze to the reader, going to complicate more and more the one that wants to be a saga “antifavola”; certainly less dynamic but equally enjoyable and maybe more analysable in key social, to prepare the readers for the inevitable end of the story arc...that promises to be crackling, considering the surprising closure of this volume!

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