I hate Favolandia: Skottie Young announces the end of the series


Published on Jul 08, 2018


The writer/artist has announced the fine in a letter that follows the last page of the above number:

“Yeah, I just finished inking the last panel of the last page of Hate Favolandia #20. What I knew, and that you have just discovered, is that this is the last page of the series, at least for now,” writes Young. “I know, some of you are probably cursing my name at this moment while some of you are saying: ‘it Was time’. Anyway, I knew that the time had come for me to bring the story of Gert to the end, at least for the moment.”

Young explains that it is working on a new project that will write/draw, but that with that and with his commitments to write Deadpool, the upcoming Bully Wars for the Image, and other writing projects not specified, could not continue to write and draw the series regularly.

“So I made the choice to bring Hatred Favolandia at the end that I have ever seen for Gert. This would allow me to spend the necessary time to develop my next project is owned, written and drawn by me,” writes Young. “And this is the period of time that it was crazy, my family and I just moved here from Illinois, where we lived most of our lives, in Kansas City, Kansas.”

Young says he has ideas for a return to Hatred Favolandia in the form of “one-shot or a mini series of stories-style Tales of”. Nothing is still in the program, but have been made speeches and ideas have been scribbled”.

I hate Favolandia #20 is on sale now in the US edition, with vol. 4 scheduled for 29 August. The series in Italy is published by Bao Publishing.


I hate Favolandia: Skottie Young announces the end of the series is




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