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Published on Jan 26, 2019


After having made known to the Italian public the story of Gertrude (the little girl carried “sucked” to Favolandia, a “perfect” world of fairy tales), Larry (her guide alata), and all the other characters in the world of Favolandia, BAO Publishing published the fourth and last volume of the work of Skottie Young. Gert will return home, after having literally spent the torments of Hell?


The third volume was concluded with Gert passed to the other world, and, of course (in case you do not agree, ask to the many victims who Gert is left behind in the course of these volumes!) over to Hell, where he is called to answer for his sins, and, as tradition requires, to pay the price. But how can you punish an individual who, apparently, turns out to be diabolical and unstoppable? Looking at Gert, the answer is obvious: condemning her to live and relive infinitely his adventures in Favolandia. This will be the fate of the small (but aging, at least in the soul) girl terrible, from here until least until the witch Horribella, not free on Favolandia a terrifying threat capable of destroying the entire kingdom. And it will be the much hated Gert to be “recruited” to deal with the imminent catastrophe...will save Favolandia? Or give in to the temptation and will help to destroy it forever?



Like all of the final worthy of the name, this latest adventure is contained in the fourth volume ends and contains in itself all the issues brought up to now next Hate Favolandia, illuminating from a different perspective: through dialogues induced by the circumstances, Gert will reveal, finally, the real reasons that push us to hate so deeply Favolandia, a kingdom so perfect but where you are forced to live in a certain way, without having the chance to express themselves and develop as people (and, not coincidentally, during the years spent in the non-enchanted place, it is not aged and therefore matured, but remained in a sort of “cyclic time” is always equal to itself). The same rebellion against the impositions and the closing of the cage by the context in which they live will be back “bursting” then in the final, where it will eventually emerge the how and why Gertrude is now in a place like Favolandia.

In addition to a new, and final, irreverent adventure of Gertrude is rich, as always, action, boldness and a little heroic, Skottie Young (which is also given the credit of having translated beautifully in the same tone used for the script in the stretch and in the style of the drawings) the emergence of on the surface the main themes of the whole story, hidden and sown along the path (not to be too intrusive and counter with a winning irreverent tone given to the series) and that, precisely for this, are now the most surprising and brilliant.

In retrospect, the whole story of Gert and Favolandia, mould now consistently in the mind of the reader that perhaps now, finally (and after four volumes!) can shout in unison together with the protagonist, reading the last pages: fan**the Favolandia!


I hate Favolandia 4 Skottie Young | Review of




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