I can't lose weight: the errors that do not make you lose weight


Published on Jan 26, 2020


I can't lose weight: the errors that do not make you lose weight! How many times you feel frustrated because, despite diet and exercise, you cannot lose weight? When the results do not come we feel frustrated and we tend to drop everything.

“But who makes me do this? Why eat well and work out if I can not reach the ideal weight?”

It is a question more than justified in the face of the stalling of the weight, but you just need to know how to react! Sometimes you need to be able to correct small errors to be able to get great results!

How to lose weight and in how much time? A matter of expectations!

To avoid misunderstandings, I clarify there is not a single answer and the same at all. The famous Kg a week is considered a healthy weight loss but is an indication of the standard and very generic. In some cases it is possible to lose a lot more, in others it is a mirage even the half of it.

To determine the speed of weight loss is affected by many factors such as genetics, diet, the relationship between lean mass and fat mass...

Genetics and weight loss

The gene pool certainly has an influence on the speed with which you lose weight. In addition to that you add any metabolic diseases. But, be careful! Can only slow down weight loss but not stop it! It is important to become aware of it and do not use these components as an alibi.

In addition to genetics greatly affects the style of life. If before starting a diet you had a style of life rather unruly and you eat more of your calorie needs, especially initially you will notice big results.

The composition of the body

The composition of the body contributes greatly on the speed of weight loss. Let's see how:

Starting a proper diet, made according to your caloric needs, you are going to lose weight the healthy way and constant. Vice versa, make a diet too strict will allow you to lose weight initially but will alarm your metabolism that will trigger a defense mechanism to slow down the weight loss.

Then there is to keep in mind that the weight you lose initially from the diet, especially if stiff, it will be composed of liquids and glycogen stores and not from excess fat. It is important to follow a healthy diet and adequate without ever going below your basal metabolism. Not to mention that making a diet too restrictive is the easiest way to become discouraged and to give up everything.

Often many people choose the workout wrong and struggle to achieve the desired results.

If you start with a workout that is too heavy you run the risk of heave (the muscles are too stressed hold many liquids, do not think an excessive increase of lean body mass) and, consequently, of demotivarsi and slam everything.

If, however, you are doing a workout that is too weak the body will not respond properly.

Sometimes, even unconsciously, you make errors which, despite diet and exercise, do not make us lose weight. We try to investigate and, most importantly, solve one problem at a time. Excluding diet and workout we have identified 5 mistakes that row against your path of achieving weight.

1 Stress

Let's face it, a period of diet can be stressful. But did you know that stress increases the cortisol? And that cortisol is not a friend of the diet? In short, the diet brings stress and stress makes you lose weight, a dog that bites its own tail! What do you do then? First, abandon the idea of being able to lose weight by eating lasagna and tiramisu. I know, not hate me.

Over diet then there are work, family to manage, the unexpected face... in Short, it is impossible to completely eliminate the sources of stress from our lives! The important thing is to be able, however, to balance the situation by inserting moments of peace with themselves, able to recharge the batteries. There are many ways to eliminate stress and rather personal: is there anyone who loves to read, play, shop, a mini vacation... The sport is one of the best vent valves at zero cost you can have! Just a nice walk, a run, a workout at home and you'll be immediately better. And’ the magical power of endorphins!

2 Calories of hidden

Attention to the excess calories ingurgitate almost without realizing it. After the workout you feel hungry and you throw food ‘so did you train’? While cooking taste often the food? In front of the TV moistened constantly? Attention because they are all gestures made almost automatically that make it difficult to realize the real intake of calories assumed and can really ruin the diet. A diet that is not strict always works and, in the long run, is the best way to lose weight without regain pounds lost. But be careful, because it becomes easy to eliminate a deficit in calorie, as the calories taken away from the caloric deficit daily are not many. We want to be precise!

3 do Not sleep enough

To respond well to diet and workout a body needs to be healthy and well-rested. The proper rest is an essential factor!

Did you know that if you sleep too little, it increases the production of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates the appetite? The damn will not only make you hungry but you'll just want to crap! Then try to sleep at least 7 hours a night if you want a healthy body, responsive, and lean.

4 Drink too!

Of course we are not referring to water, but rather to all the various juices, extracts, or juices that you are healthy and without added sugar, but they also bring a lot of calories and often they are deprived of fibers. Attention to the amount! Sometimes it is better to eat a fresh fruit and drink water. To avoid sugary drinks and alcohol. Did you know that 1 gram of alcohol contains the same calories contained in 1 gram of fat? But while the high quality fats are needed for the body, alcohol will make only empty calories, no nutrients.

5 do you always Do the same type of workout

I see you are a lover of cardio! I know that you only do the walk, because so far you have lost a lot of Kg, and has given satisfaction! I know you already are years that repeat Body Revolution, because the first time you gave so many results...

But... but do you remember the famous question, “To lose weight better cardio, hiit or weights?” Finally, we will give you the answer: for weight loss it is better to change them often! Combine cardio/liss/HIIT and activities such as functional/home workout/weights is the best thing for weight loss. If you go to the gym let vary the tab every time, if you train at home do not always choose the same type of workout, if you love to walk, alternating toning exercises... The body adapts and needs new stimulus to continue to respond in a satisfactory manner.

At this point, confess, how many errors you accumulated? The positive thing is that now you just need to correct the bad habits in order to get the best results.

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