“I came to erythema at scr**o..”: Magalli and insult vulgar for Adriana Volpe

Published on Sep 22, 2018

Adriana Volpe is struggling with his Beijing Express, meanwhile, does not fail to prick the former colleague Giancarlo Magalli

The good Giancarlo Magalli, do not let slip the opportunity to replicate and insults Adriana Volpe during his participation in the Beijing Express has not missed the occasion to launch dig poisoned.

Now you insult with blows of words and barbs Giancarlo Magalli e Adriana Volpe. The latter is engaged in the reality Pechino Express, and during his stay in the reality has repeatedly ragged him his ex-colleague with whom in the past has had more of a fight.

It is precisely the hatred between the two that has led the authors to make a choice between her and the conductor. Unfortunately, the worse was the Fox who was forced to abandon the program mind Your own business.

Still does not run good blood between the two, and the Fox continues his part to foment controversy. Adriana Volpe, Morocco to Beijing Express, during a test would have stated:

"Kill as weigh in ste cases, I was in there Magalli...".

Soon comes the replication, the biting of the conductor. The helmsman of the Facts of Your shared post on Facebook:

"smiley poo. Unfortunately, for someone the dislike decreases away from home".

A user has tried to soften the tones of the Fox, claiming that at the bottom of the Adriana only wanted to make a joke, the conductor replied:

"Ah, to put one, as well anzianotto, in case you seem to good taste? I bought a erythema scrotal...".

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