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Published on Apr 17, 2018


As I wrote in the other reviews, Thanos is a villain the most charismatic Marvel. Created by Jim on This in the seventies, is an alien from Titan, one of Saturn's moons, but it is not comparable to the various villains of the Marvel Universe. His motivations, in fact, are based on a conception of a nihilist existence. Thanos is in love with Death, and it is completely dedicated to her. In the course of the decades, however, has undergone changes and in some occasions, it is also meant to be the hero, depending on the circumstances.

Thanos may not be so judged in accordance with the usual parameters, and this is evident in this mammoth volume includes his stories the most representative.

It opens with the no. 55 of Iron Man, which marks the debut of Thanos. The story, written by Jim on This and Mike Friedrich, is more strange than usual, at least by the standards of the comic-book Iron Man. Tony Stark has to contend with the monstrous Brothers of the Blood, and the fearsome Drax and it is in this episode that he speaks for the first time, that Thanos, who, in any case, makes its appearance (even if it is a robot with its features). This is the beginning of a long and complex saga that will make This one of the authors most critically acclaimed comics. The designs are his and have already setting visionary and psychedelic, so much beloved by his fans.

The no. 33 Captain Marvel, signed always by This, assisted by Steve Englehart, puts Thanos in the history of the Cube, Cosmic. The hero's End and will have to face the Titan, and it is here that This begins to develop it, making allusions to his peculiar conception of life. Also in this case, the designs are of This that delights us with the stretch all the time and pop that distinguishes it. With the nn. 9/11 Warlock, however, This leads us to the climax of his dramatic and agonizing run focused on the hero golden and her double the evil Magus.
This uses many of the character well known to Marvel fans: Pip the Troll, Dragoluna, Drax the Destroyer, Nature, and outlines a story-line exciting, dark and dramatic as ever, and at this juncture Thanos dies. Of course, as we later find out, the death of Thanos is defeated, but the episode still has an undeniable intensity, because illustrated by a This in the state of grace that produces one of his best works.

With the no. 35, Silver Surfer, Jim, This brings back the titan. This is our turn to Norrin Radd discover that it is alive and, in its way, slightly changed. It is always a be fearsome, but This presents it in a more reflective, calm and melancholy, committed to describe to the Silver Surfer and his vision of the universe. The episode is enhanced by the lyrics are intense and deep, but is drawn by Ron Lim, not comparable to This, that proves to be effective without the thrill.

The no. 1 of the Infinity Gauntlet, always written on This, and illustrated by an outstanding George Perez, shows overwhelmingly Thanos at the center of the Marvel Universe. Cross-reference, however, to my review of the recent volume of Sandwiches that includes the entire miniseries. Then there is the no. 17 Spider-Man, undoubtedly, one of the most anti-conventional of the collection. Not for nothing is the episode of the controversial Ann Nocenti decides to narrate a bizarre encounter between the Arrampicamuri and Thanos, characters that have nothing in common.

It is not a real fight, but a disagreement dialectic that takes place in a dimension that is dreamy and dreamlike that makes you think to some of the discussed episodes of Daredevil always signed by Ann. It is one of the most unique stories and mature of Marvel, illustrated by the great Rick Leonardi, enhances the script with his style of twisted and nervous.

Jim This return with the no. 8 Warlock and The Infinity Watch, necklace devoted to Warlock and his team named the Guard of the Infinite. The series had a setting cosmic, characterized, however, by the tone ironic and sarcastic. This reintroduces Thanos, and there is even the evil Magus. The episode is enjoyable, graced by the beautiful and sculptural designs by the very talented Tom Raney.

It continues with an extract from the annual Thor of 1998. Dan Jurgens tells a story of science fiction with the people of the Rigelliani, the monstrous Mangog, and Thanos, focusing on the atmospheres typical Marvel style. The elegant designs of Jerry John are one of the strengths of the story. Get Brian Michael Bendis with the nn. 7/8 of Avengers Assemble. The author uses so many characters, not always in an exalted, and play with the machinations of the Ancient of the Universe. The designs of Mark Bagley are of a good standard and are the most interesting aspect of the episodes.

And the volume concludes with the first annual of Thanos, to be released in 2014. Again, there is This text, and Ron Lim to the drawings. The story, based on the evil plans of the demon Mephisto, is a summary of all the events in the past and constitutes a kind of visiting card of the character. Overall, the book is recommended to those who still do not know one of the creations of the fundamental Marvel. To keep an eye on.

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