I am Mia: here's how to Loredana Bertè has commented on the film on Mimi and Serena Rossi


Published on Feb 13, 2019


Loredana Bertè has not been able to comment in a positive way, the result obtained from the one who has set up the biopic on My Martini. In an extraordinary effort to tell those who had forgotten or those who do not know, the wonderful Mimi. His opinion was obviously crucial, for those who worked on the movie and Loredana, had only kind words for all the people who have chosen to tell Mimi. Beautiful words for Serena Rossi, the highly acclaimed singer. I am My it was really a job well done, and She could not appreciate.

Here is what was the comment, Loredana Bertè, the film dedicated to her sister, Mimi:

Mimi would be very proud of this film, I am convinced. And I am more. It was a blow to the heart to see Serena Rossi in the guise of My own. She took of specific things of Mimi, which few people knew about: how it moved, his shots, his melancholy and the pain that he felt inside but that is not showed often. It was awesome: in certain scenes seemed to me to be own My own. Now, thanks to this film, Mimi comes back to life, even if it's within me and within the hearts of his fans, never died and never will.

And still:

I remember with sadness many directors famous broadcasts various that not they absolutely My Martini as a guest. When you did, his name started incantations. When one of these decided to sign her one of the last engineers, an imbecile, he touched the balls, saying: ‘we Hope that you don't fall the theatre’. It was reduced to these terms. All of them had the terror when we got her... Imagine how she could feel Mimi. His desire to make music was immense, but for 15 years it to have prevented. Who knows how much other music and songs could give us. With these gentlemen I still have to do because they are still alive, but when we meet it lowers the gaze. And I never do their broadcasts, ever, I continue to reject them“.

Also Mimì, from any place you are, as will be appreciated, the memory to which it has been given.

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