HYPE: the electronic money account free


Published on Dec 01, 2016


HYPE is an electronic money account free of charge which changes the way of thinking about money management, allows you to have an IBAN and a MasterCard credit card.

What are its advantages? The first thing allows you to receive for free the physical card in order to make payments in all the shops of the Mastercard circuit, also in a contactless. Another point in favour are free withdrawals from all atms in the world, and the ability to have a prepaid card that you reload for free. The most important thing is that with the HYPE they are also free of all major banking operations.

HYPE as well as make it more convenient to manage and use money, and provides a truly excellent, providing users with security and reliability.

Hype is the world smart, in fact, are available applications for iOS, Android and Windows that allow the management of money in a very simple and innovative. Using Hype, you can also pay with their smartphone, do the trade instant money between friends, stats, a categorization of real-time inputs and outputs, the objectives of savings and automatic transfers free of charge. The recording mode is very nice and safe, in fact, just a selfie with the document, and the app is already ready to use.

The charging and HYPE are different, it is possible to load the account HYPE directly from the main checking account or atm-enabled circuit “QuiMultibanca”. Can also store 5 credit cards on the HYPE use it as a HUB of the cards and recharge your account more quickly.

For more information: OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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