HYPE gives 10/15€ to those who requires it, free of charge, the rechargeable prepaid Mastercard with neither costs nor fees


Published on Mar 02, 2020


HYPE gives 10/15€ to those who requires it, free of charge, the rechargeable prepaid Mastercard with neither costs nor fees

PostePay is definitely the rechargeable card more common in Italy, but “unfortunately,” the be linked to Phone. the limits and do not allow it to have a rapid evolution. Today we will talk about in a more in-depth HYPE, the pre-paid rechargeable card that works in a similar manner to Paypal but without the cost and with the many possibilities and advantages. After reading this article, probably you will register free of charge to the Hype, replacing it definitively with the PostePay, and also obtaining £ 10 free with iSpazio (or 15€ if you choose Hype Plus).

Hype is not just a prepaid card is also a payment card and an electronic money account, which is entirely manageable through the application. It is completely free and is available from 12 years and older, a great system for sending money instantly to your friends and also to their children in situations of emergency or to begin to become responsible for it.

There are no monthly costs of maintenance nor the canon. Even after the first year will begin to show costs. Hype is Free forever and without any constraint.

Hype is a rechargeable card, contactless allows you to make payments online and in stores. If you have an iPhone, use Apple Pay to pay instantly by placing your phone on the POS of the merchant. It is also a mobile app that allows you to send and receive money in real time, managing their money, setting goals, and controlling its own budget.

Reload Hype is free. To do so, just do a bank transfer (it is in fact equipped with IBAN), or a charge of another registered payment card in the app or Debit card from an atm enabled for the circuit to “QuiMultibanca”. The cash deposit is free of charge from an operator in the branches of the Banca Sella. Once the recharge is now possible to withdraw cash (with no fees at any atm in Italy and in the world), make purchases and payments, and pause the card with a simple tap from the application.

Through the mobile App Hype is also possible to exchange money with your contacts in your address book, simply by using a mobile number or an e-mail address of the recipient.

The operation takes place in real time and without cost.

To register in just 5 minutes. The paper HYPE of the virtual will be active immediately and without any cost nor activation, nor management, nor charging and not even the boards in time or in use. There is not even an annual fee to be paid with the HYPE Start.

Hype Start is the plan that allows you to upload up to 2,500€ in total per year on the card HYPE (which is part of the MasterCard circuit). If you want to use it as a replacement for the Postpaid by sending on board the latter, the plan Start may already be sufficient in the majority of cases. Alternatively, if you want to lift the roof up to a maximum of 50,000€, then you must simply move on to the floor Hype Plus, as the only expense the cost of 1€ per month as rental of the paper.

In short, it has more sense to go in the Mail to purchase a PostePay card. Hype is certainly an alternative, more young and that offers many more possibilities, in constant evolution. Not in the case is having a resounding success. In addition to all this Hype has no cost and therefore it is worth activating. If you are interested, you can do it from here, starting from the beginning to use it with Apple Pay on your iPhone or Android, with NFC on your Android smartphone.

The card Hype can also be activated with 0€, it is not necessary to do a first charge. Today, however, we offer you a promotion. Basically, the first charge is just a charge of 1€) if at the time of registration use the code “GIFT10” get 10€ gift that you can use freely for both purchases online or in shops, both to try and Hype with Apple Pay or Android NFC, is to switch to the Hype Plus obtaining the extension of the roof up to€ 50,000 instead of€2.500 in.

You just need to register to the Hype from here, and, in the registration screen, you must enter the code “GIFT10” within the section “I have a promo code”. Now, as soon as you are approved, and you will have made a recharge (even from 1€) you will get 10 $ bonus within 7 business days.

Choose to record directly to a Hype Plus (which has a fee of 1€ per month, but allows you to reload the paper several times a year exceeding the maximum of 2500€ provided instead of the Hype Start. This time, on the site, you will have to enter in the Coupon “PLUS15“. Also in this case, when the card is active, make a first deposit (even 1€) and you will get 15 $ for free.




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