HYPE + Apple Pay: the winning combination!


Published on Feb 10, 2018


As promised, last December the HYPE has introduced compatibility with Apple Pay. We have tried and we are ready to tell you what you think.

Immediately dispel a myth: Apple Pay is not a payment method, complex, niche and difficult to use. More and more banking services are supporting and the spread seems to be really quick.

In this context it is entered the service offered by HYPE: as previously announced last December, was introduced for compatibility with Apple Pay, and many of you have already chosen.

Well actually...I chose it myself! By February 2017, before starting to the time of the MWC 2017 (this year there will be again), I use every day HYPE in its Plus version to receive and send payments, pay in-store and withdraw cash free of charge.

You can register using by clicking below and entering the code GIFT10 to receive 10€ charging tribute, within 7 working days, following the first.

Click here to enter the code GIFT10 and receive 10 EUR!

Why I chose the HYPE? I was looking for a service that could replace my bank: I did not have any advantage in the use of a current account with fixed costs, with an app is questionable, and that in the euro area does not allow me to withdraw cash free of charge. In telling me, I discovered the HYPE: “a new way to manage the money,” just as it says in their slogan.

I registered, I requested the MasterCard contactless physics and I transferred a bit of money on the platform. The process, in my case, took about 7 days and it was done in a very simple, but above all it is free! The floor Start goes well with the majority of customers, allows you to make purchases, receive payments quickly and at no charge more than that begin to become familiar with the service.

HYPE can be recharged through electronic bank transfers, MasterCard and Visa, other accounts, HYPE and at the tobacconist's.

In the course of the months, the HYPE has become my piggy bank, and then made the switch to the Plus version at a cost of 1€ per month. Here is a comparative table of the main differences between the two versions:

HYPE is a service that lives on your smartphone, you check through the app that allows you to perform any operation. The app lets you send wire transfers, send money to friends registered on the platform, reload your card through a MasterCard or Visa, pause, the paper according to your needs, check all the movements and set up plans and automatic savings.

All of these functions are well accessible and very simple to use. I really appreciated a lot the speed of the developers to update the app resolution of iPhone X and to the attention to the feedback of the users such as, for example, the recent introduction of a feature to read your PIN card through the app itself.

The time passed quickly, I had become accustomed to my new shiny blue paper and was then announced the arrival of Apple Pay in Italy. To my great joy, a few months after launch, I learned of the fact that, even HYPE, for nature smart, is going to support Apple Pay. The wait was short and the support has arrived!

Using the combination of HYPE + Apple Pay in over a month, with great satisfaction, but above all in security: bind your card to Apple Pay is easy, can be done through the app of HYPE in a few moments. Whether you have an iPhone with TouchID or FaceID, the security level is high and it is guaranteed by the standard Apple: to make payments you simply place the smartphone on the POS of the operator and in a few moments will be magic. It can bind to its paper HYPE to Apple Watch, iPad and Mac to be able to use Apple Pay through these devices.

Ultimately, HYPE is a service that I would recommend, both for its nature smart for the simplicity that it offers to its customers. If you're young or you're looking for a payment method that is simple, safe and without unpleasant surprises, I recommend to subscribe to it by clicking below and entering the code GIFT10 during registration: within 7 working days from the first deposit you will receive a 10€ gift directly into HYPE!

Click here to enter the code GIFT10 and receive 10 EUR!

You are already using the HYPE? Please let us know through the comments or our social channels!

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