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Published on Nov 07, 2019


"You know, find the star that is yours alone, while those in the sky go out just a little?" (cit. the back of the cover)

Are those stars that now are dying to start the Hymns, a guy with a life that is already written and well-defined, that want to start a journey (or rather, a pilgrimage) to search for a reason, an explanation, in short: a why.

Completely in the dark about how we need to gear up for a pilgrimage, Hymns, part with Maddorio, the cousin of scout who had just returned from a trip, and embarks on a ambitious goal: to find out who is turning off the stars. During the journey, we come across dangerous saracens, in the strange wizards that the “give away” a codex, jinni wicked, and fellow travelers, including a mysterious Jon.

The author Giopota returns in Bao Publishing his first graphic novel as author is complete. A small hardback, swelling of 234 pages of magic, which sees Giopota his first challenge to himself both as a writer and as a designer.

And the challenge seems to have definitely won. Hymns to the stars is a story that is part magical, but as it behaves like a story of real life, despite the names of the characters are caught by a magical world. At times, during the narration, one has the impression of being in Spain in a historical and not well explained, but after a few the table, returns in a fantasy world, inhabited by jinn, magical beings and saints “sbrilluccicanti”.

Stumbling about like a pebble along the path, the narrative of Giopota row as smooth as the oil, since when you find yourself with so many things to tell and yet only a few pages at the end. Everything tightens and dries towards the last tables, when the journey is coming to an end and the walkers are almost arrived to find the treasure that the whole world is trying (the saracens included).

Friendship, religion, adventure and discovery in the world are all represented by a simple line, and fluid that is only a backdrop to a sea of colour, bright and clean.

The story is lost in a bright and starry: it's hard not to be dazzled by a night full of stars as soon as you open the first pages of the book. Cartoons are full of color fill the eyes of the player, accompanying him in various stages of the path divided by color: fighting red like blood, fields of wheat, yellow like the sun, green forests and fresh, surrounded by a sky that was always blue and clear.

Hymns to the stars follows far the line structure of the fairy tale: in the first half of the book, is believed to guess about the path that Giopota wants to follow the narrative. In the second part, all that the reader thinks that find is changed, mixed in a hodgepodge narrative and doing in the last pages, where the author expects the reader with a final beautiful.

Definitely a book for those who have never traveled, for those who are about to begin a journey (alone or in company) and for those who have never stopped believing that the magic lives in the small things that you do every day.

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