Hurricane Harvey, Tim Cook writes to employees and confirms the aid of Apple


Published on Aug 31, 2017


The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has sent an e-mail to its employees to talk about the tragic hurricane Harvey, which has affected the populations of Texas and Louisiana.

A few days ago, Apple had turned on iTunes a system to collect funds in favor of affected populations. Tim Cook is to know that we have already offered 3 million dollars, donated to the Red Cross in the United States to help rebuild the affected areas, and to give assistance to the victims.

Here is the full text of the email sent by Tim Cook:

As you know, hurricane Harvey is having a devastating impact on Texas and Louisiana. Our thoughts go out to all the Apple employees that are located in areas affected by the hurricane, and to the millions of people whose lives have been devastated by rain, wind and flooding. I want to update you on some of the things that Apple is doing to help the victims and on how you can participate in these initiatives.

On site, the team at Apple that handles the crisis is working to provide support to our employees directly affected by the floods in Texas. The team is in close contact with Apple employees in the Houston area and are doing everything we can to help them and to transfer them to safe areas for families together.

Other Apple employees in the Houston area have generously helped the people affected by the floods, opening their houses to the members of the team that manages the crisis, to other employees, and their families. Some have been directly involved in rescue operations. We are also proud of the fact that the United States Coast Guard, uses Apple products to help the population, as evidenced by more than 20 helicopters USCG equipped with ipads that are exploited to coordinate the various teams of search and rescue.

While Harvey was at the peak of its devastating power, we have launched a donation program on the App Store, iTunes, and The donation is very simple to accomplish, and all proceeds go to the american Red Cross. Thanks to the generosity of our employees and our users, Apple has raised 1 million dollars in a few days. The other 2 million dollars have been donated directly by the company.

Even if the Apple stores in the Houston area are still closed, we are working hard to open tomorrow and to give assistance to the people affected by the hurricane. Our team are eager to help our users with problems small and large, because we know that many people of those areas in need.

I was in Austin the day before Harvey arrived and the team was ready for the storm and to restore the various Apple Stores in the area. Today, this work continues. In our Austin campus, we are launching a new donation set at the Central Texas Food Bank and Café Mac to collect food, diapers, personal hygiene items and other basic needs.

In Texas have been affected more than 8,700 of our colleagues and the impact of this hurricane is felt by all of us. There is still much to do, and Apple is committed to helping anyone who needs it.

Remember that donations to the iTunes store and App Store are active at the moment only in the United States.

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