Hunger of Fortnite during your holiday? Here is what he will suffer your data plan


Published on Jun 19, 2018


Fortnite is now a real fashion, able to attract players of all ages ready to battle it out in a Battle Royale, the most played of the moment.

For a few weeks, the title of Epic Games, has also been made available on iOS devices, therefore allowing all fans of the title to be able to play anywhere in mobility with your smartphone or tablet iOS.

The summer holidays have finally started and if you simply can't detach from the game of the moment is, however, good to know also which are the important aspects to avoid unpleasant situations; have you ever wondered how much you can consume in terms of data traffic with a title like this? We have done some test and in the next few paragraphs we will explain the consumption.

For what is surely the most difficult level of controls due to the absence of a pad, physical, with a little practice you can juggle with your touch device. From some tests we carried out show that the title, after almost an hour of the game, it was revealed to have consumption data is significantly reduced compared to the expectations

As you can see, in fact, in an hour of play, the title stands on a consumption of data, equal to about 17MB, with matches repeated cyclically and without interruption. You should not have to worry even in the face of a bundle not very substantial; instead of a reduced data traffic (example 2-3 GB per month) it's good to pay attention if you plan to take advantage of the title even for several hours.

As you have surely had the opportunity to learn, from the day of 12 June, the title was also made available on the console hybrid Nintendo Switch, completing the circles of all of the platforms that can run the game. If the touch screen controls are not your forte and you're players are so diehard that they were not able to deprive of the console even while on holiday then this little test can do for you.

On Nintendo Switch we get data of little more than the iPhone, with PlayStation 4 on the same wave length. The picture that emerges is therefore similar to that shown with iOS.

It is clear that these data do not represent the absolute truth, and consumption may vary depending on several factors. Difficult to think, however, a marked change, so if you are in possession of a threshold of monthly data traffic high not you will probably have to worry about; however, if your threshold monthly were reduced to 2-3 GB we can suggest you to constantly check your traffic in order to avoid encounter cleaning in the middle of the holiday.

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