Huji Cam: the app that takes photos in the style of 1998


Published on Jul 06, 2018


On Instagram has broken out a new fashion, or photos in the style of “disposable” 1998. The photos in question appear to be grainy and old, as if they were outputs from an old disposable camera. All this is possible thanks to an application that in a very short time has become one of the most downloaded from various stores. We are talking about Huji Cam, a photo editing application available for both Android and iOS.

The app interface is very similar to old cameras the Fujifilm, milestones, and companions of many holidays. Use it is really simple. First of all, you only have to download the app from the store on our smartphones. Once open, we confirm the requested permissions.

Select the item in 1998 to open the camera. By selecting the viewfinder of the camera, we can access the camera and the various options. We will be able to set the quality of the photos and the timer. At this point, we can begin to take our pictures by simply pressing the button on the bottom right. The shots will be saved inside the gallery, callable by the voice Lab, located in the upper right.

Once you have taken the photo, open the gallery and save the photo by selecting the download icon.

In addition, we can choose to enable/disable light effects, random and use the inner camera or the outer one. The app has achieved in a very short time a huge success, so as to be used even by the most well-known characters.

Its success is determined also by the extreme ease of use and the shots striking that fails to give.

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