Huddle Breakfast – The story of Dan Marino


Published on Mar 23, 2020


15 September 2016 we published the masterful the story, written by Mauro Clementi, of the career of Dan Marino, when he was born in Pittsburgh up to life after retiring from the NFL.

Pick a guy, let it fly: the story of Dan Marino

After reading it we came up with the idea of transforming the written word into a sound that was not simply the reading of the article, but managed to make it out alive what has been written; then the right background music and voices “outside” to give you an idea of the interventions reported in the piece. We worked a lot in post production to make it as beautiful as possible This week's Huddle Breakfast tells the story of Dan Marino!

This podcast was produced and read by Mauro Rizzotto with the contribution of John Hooks, Marco Santini and Dario Alfredo Michielini.

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