How to wear a tuxedo in 2016?

Published on Feb 01, 2016

The tuxedo is the item of clothing more elegant of the male wardrobe, at the beginning of the Twentieth century, when it was mandatory to wear after five and time for dinner. And it is also the preferred look by 007, who loves to show it off in the casino, in the most exclusive parties, during hair-raising chases and in order to flirt with sexy women. In the film, 007 Spectre, Daniel Craig, as James Bond, wears a model from the tuxedo color white signed Tom Ford.

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As you put it?
The jacket
First of all, the choice of the model. The jacket can have shawl collars, or spear, in the same fabric as the body or, in contrast, transparencies, usually in silk, for occasions more chic (the important thing is that they are not too large). The tuxedo can be black, declined in shades darker (like the blue and the burgundy), or even, for those who loves to dare, completely white. And is usually made in cool wool, cashmere, but also velvet, from vintage scent.

The pants
Are strictly black, the fit is not too tight (in the Fifties were even soft), and have a band applied on both sides of the same material of the lapels. When worn, it is important not to forget to wear long socks up to the knee, not too woolly, black. The belt is not to wear a sash on the waist shiny, which hides the irregular pleats of the shirt. Also very important is the length that it "must be right," he tells GQ UK, Ben Allen, head of the tailoring in the brand Dunhill to London, "with the fold of the hem as tradition would have it or without".

The shirt
As it teaches the history of fashion, must strictly have the collar-style "black tie" specifically made to wear the bow tie with a simple or more elaborate, pleated or frilled. To show off the twins, maybe family. Some models of smoking have also the vest, which can help you to fix the shirt and make the silhouette even more elegant.

The shoes
Finally, the footwear, which must be black, patent leather and with inserts of velvet (your choice!). The recommended model is moccasin laced up or not, as the slippers in velvet with embroidery and precious appliqués.


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