How to watch SkyGo on Chromecast


Published on Jul 26, 2016


Love the content transmitted by the satellite network Sky? For those who don't know you can use SkyGo, a web service that allows you to see the content on a Sky subscription on mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, pc) or using the browser of the PC, after authenticating with a username and password dedicated to the service. Few know it, but we can see SkyGo on Chromecast and enjoy movies, sporting events and shows on-demand without having to see the content on a smartphone or on a PC.

We have two procedures to see SkyGo on Chromecast: in a we will use two web browser to send the streaming on the TV, in the second we will see how to take advantage of a smartphone or tablet along with the app SkyGo for Android.

First of all install the Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox on our system.

DOWNLOAD | Google Chrome

DOWNLOAD | Mozilla Firefox

Open SkyGo on Mozilla Firefox, one of the few browsers still are compatible with Silverlight on Windows.

LINK | SkyGo

At the same time open the Chrome browser (without closing Firefox!) and install the extension Google Cast, essential to send the stream SkyGo.

DOWNLOAD | Google Cast

We use the extension to send the Firefox window to the Chromecast, using the voice Broadcast desktop of the extension.

Automatically all the desktop will be streamed to the Chromecast.

All content will be transmitted to the Chromecast, but make sure you have a WiFi network powerful enough to support video streaming (WiFi network by at least 150 Mbps).

NOTE: do not close any of the two browsers, on penalty of the loss of the stream; you can very well leave the Chrome minimized during transmission.

NOTE: make sure to have on the device at least Android 4.4 KitKat, otherwise the procedure will not work.

Install on the device the app is dedicated to SkyGo, which can be downloaded from the link below.


To send the streaming of the video displayed from the app we will have to share the entire screen of your smartphone or tablet; to do so, just use the built-in functionality in the app Chromecast.

DOWNLOADS | Chromecast

Open the app we will have to select from the menu side-scrolling Beam-screen (option available if the device is compatible with the functionality of the Cast).

The entire screen of the device, including the video of SkyGo, will be displayed on the tv; you just need to put in landscape (horizontal) and full screen for best viewing of the content. The quality is lower compared to the share of streaming from a PC, but it remains good enough to view everything without shots and without artifacts.

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